Wednesday news round-up

Fleeing the sinking ship: The first wave of Egyptian refugees has reached Europe.

Human rights organizations finally picking on someone besides Israel: I guess when you start hanging people whose only crime was protesting the despotic government, even HRW and Amnesty sit up and take notice. But not to worry. They’ll be back going after Israel any minute now.

Compare and contrast: Israeli courts ordered Jerusalem police to not arrest protesters. But then, when you have the only true democracy in the Middle East, that’s what your courts do: Make sure the police follow the laws. (This reminds me of the sig of an old BBSer I used to know: “Better than you.” I appropriate it from time to time when I want to piss people off. It always works.)

Why Israel needs to ramp up the Leviathan gas field: Egypt is delaying the resumption of natural gas to Israel. Faster, please.

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