Friday Egypt briefs

He’s in! He’s out! He’s in! He’s out! Does anyone know what’s going on in Egypt? Beats me, but you know who really doesn’t know what’s going on in Egypt? Our incredibly smart president, the one who everyone said was going to restore America’s image in the world, make our allies realize how great we are, and our enemies quake in fear. Shyeah. Good one, Barack. They’re still laughing in Mubarak’s house. Yep. The 3 a.m. phone call came, and it went unanswered.

Say, you know who does know what’s going on in Egypt? Barry Rubin. What he wrote before Mubarak’s speech:

A. Mubarak stays on. The army stays behind him and is ready to suppress disorders if necessary. He makes some reforms and concessions but does not give way.

[…] Looks like its Option A.

Too bad the media keep on saying Barry’s a “jaundiced” hawk. If they’d listen to him, they’d know what’s going on. But then, our Director of National Intelligence is telling Obama that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular,” the CIA director is getting intel by watching CNN, and it sure seems like the Three Stooges are in charge of U.S. foreign policy these days. (If you really want to get scared and depressed, read Barry’s latest column.)

Iranian Irony: The tone-deafness of the Mad Mullahs and Mad Mahmoud astonishes me. They’re proclaiming a new Middle East even while the dictator of Egypt remains (and still calls the shots), and are utterly oblivious to the fact that the people of Egypt are doing exactly what the people of Iran did last year. Don’t think the Iranians aren’t noticing that Barry’s finally supporting the protesters. Oh, wait. The Iranians figured that out. They arrested the head of the opposition again. Our best-case scenario: The Iranians try again, and this time, Obama supports them. Only with arms and money. Oh, never mind. I was on Bizarro World for a moment. Sheer fantasy.

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