The news the AP leaves out

There’s a boilerplate in the current AP stories about the destruction of the “historic” Shepherd Hotel to make way for apartments. The relevant portion is in bold. (The fact that the AP finds it necessary to devote two paragraphs of the lead on a story about rockets hitting Ashkelon to this “historic” hotel speaks volumes, and not in a good way for AP.)

The Gaza incidents came as a historic hotel in east Jerusalem was knocked down to build apartments for Jews after it was bought by a hard-line American Jewish millionaire decades ago. Palestinians object to any Israeli construction in east Jerusalem, which they claim as the capital of their future state. The Palestinians, European Union and U.S. condemned the latest project, saying it undermines hopes for peace.

The millionaire, Irving Moskowitz, a patron of Israeli settlers, bought the Shepherd Hotel in 1985. It was built in the 1930s as the residence of Haj Amin Husseini, who was forced to flee Jerusalem’s British rulers at the end of that decade.

Hm. Husseini had to flee the British. Why would that be, I wonder?


In 1941, Haj Amin al-Husseini fled to Germany and met with Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Joachim Von Ribbentrop and other Nazi leaders. He wanted to persuade them to extend the Nazis’ anti-Jewish program to the Arab world.

Funny how this “historic” hotel, which was the residence of a Jew-hated Arab Nazi, never seems to have its full history explained. But we expect no less from the anti-Israel media.

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  1. Noam says:

    Brilliant analysis. Sadly however we must
    face the truth which seed lies within inherent antisemitism. If the Palestinian’s desired statehood next to Saudi Arabia for instance, no one would give a flying you know what.

    Throughout history there has always been a reason to obsess over Jews in acts of hate, pogroms, murders, lies and downright genocide. Innate hate is like a circle with no end because what it feeds upon no one really wishes to discuss.

    As for the Jerusalem issue, our said to be best friend whose campaign promise to place the U.S embassy in Jerusalem couldn’t force himself to do it because he to felt Jerusalem was not the undivided capital of the Jewish people, of the state of Israel.

    We see, the world coming to the side of a guy who once slept in a hotel in Jerusalem who met with Hitler in an effort to finish off the Jewish question. Surprise, surprise, no! If world leaders including a past president thought to be the best friend of Israel had a modicum of respect for the Jewish people and more over undeniable history, what we are speaking of now would be moot. Shame on them all.

    During the waning years of the Bush administration Israel celebrated a remarkable feat of history and of the Jewish spirit which was the Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem. Bush our best friend, post 9-11, War on Terror decided to elevate a denier of the Shoah to a Man of Peace, lavishing praise and millions upon him and his terrorist society hell bent on wiping Israel off the map! Matter of fact in clear view of President Bush (our best friend) man of peace Abu Mazan sanctioned a poster which showed all of Israel, Palestine. For that the PA got millions more in aid for their security forces who marched to the nazi goosestep. For that, not even the lowest level representative of the Bush administration attended the celebration ceremonies of the Reunification of Jersalem and to the world, Bush said without saying the words out loud, Jerusalem is not the unidivided capital of Israel.

    ….and here we are today.
    And no, I did not vote for Obama nor do I support him. Thank you.

  2. Newshawk says:

    You really need a “Share” button to allow more people to read your posts.

  3. Gary Rosen says:

    “And no, I did not vote for Obama nor do I support him. Thank you.”

    Who did you write in – Ralph Nader, or Noam Chomsky? No way am I believing it if you claim you voted for a ticket with Sarah Palin on it.

  4. Noam says:

    Gary Rosen. You asked for it.
    Baiting and switching on me by suggesting I voted for likes of Ralph Nader, or Noam Chomsky prove you had sweat behind the collar.

    It amazes me how leftist Jews are bashed for being stupid and ignorant and voting only as their parents yet when a president WE VOTED FOR comes in office and screws us over everyone is silent……which is why I laugh rather than cry when I read the hypocrisy from people like yourself whining over Jerusalem.

    We had our chance for 8 years. Eight long years. It was a gift for those whose whose heart is Jerusalem. Or so we thought. The Jewish hiarchy of the Republican party were silent for the most part and so were our friends when they could have reminded our President Bush of his CAMPIAGN PROMISE and his SUPPOSED LOVE FOR ISRAEL. Sir, I would suggest a mirror to the face for you and others like you who refuse to see the truth simply for POLITICAL REASONS lash out at people like myself for only speaking the truth.

    Come to find out, to liberal Jews Israel is merely a political issue exactly like that of conservative Jews. The haughtiness of it all sickens me.

    Our president went for a denier of the Holocaust when innocent Israeli families were still burying their dead from the intifada waged upon innocent Israelis by those Bush called, a people of peace. This happened post 9-11 war on terror mind you. Millions upon millions of dollars went to the PA and every time Bush made bad on his promise to sign the embassy act was appeasement to the Arab/Muslim world. Frosting on the cake, each time he axed the embassy act he renewed the lease for the U.S. office of the PA.

    I remind you sir, the “daily humiliation of the Palestinian people from Israeli occupation must end!!” GWB

    “The future Palestinian state must be viable, contiguous, and not resemble swiss cheese.”

    “Israel must not kill the aspirations of the Palestinian people to live side by side in peace with Israel.” Following that, Abbas sanctioned a poster which showed all of Israel, Palestine. When Bush failed to confront Abbas few on my side (THE REPUBLICANS!!) said a word.

    The only conservative organization of merit who went after Bush for that was ZOA. (take a ride in their archives, if you dare) Having little if no support from the conservative movement their words went on deaf ears. Ditto the majority of ZOA communiques during those 8 years.

    Oh yes, and we can despise Obama with our very last breath and that will not negate or lessen what Bush did to Israel.

    There are thousands like myself who care more for Israel than our Republican party. We will never go back to being Democrats but having been let down so miserably by our supposed friends and the fellow we elected to office, we will not be silent. WE speak out even against our very own out of love. We speak out even when we continue to be insulted and accused wrongly. When threats to silence our voices by banning us by (supposed lovers of Jerusalem) ha ha, only give wind to our sails.

    Like the mindless sheep the Bedouins tend in the desert, we are not.

    Best wishes.
    Noam and Mattie

  5. soccer dad says:

    Noam, I can’t and won’t defend everything that George W. Bush did as President. Considering Abbas a man of peace and untainted by terrorism was obviously false. Pushing for the elections that Hamas was likely to win was also damaging.

    However, some of what he did originated with bad policies of the Israeli government. I would also argue that his ambassadors to the UN were far superior to anyone since Jeane Kirkpatrick. (Not just John Bolton, John Danforth too.) Unlike during the Clinton and current administrations (or Bush 41’s) the Bush 43 administration didn’t regularly have anonymous “senior administration officials” criticizing the Israeli government.

    If Defensive Shield or the 2006 war against Hezbollah had gone on during the Obama administration do you really think that it would have given Israel the latitude to strike at its enemies as long as it did?

  6. soccer dad says:

    FWIW, the WaPo also left out the significance of the house. But quoted this guy:
    Adnan Husseini, the Palestinian Authority’s governor of Jerusalem, said the project was not a strictly private enterprise, but part of an Israeli plan to expand the Jewish presence and drive a wedge between Arab areas in East Jerusalem. “This is a strategy of a government,” he said.

    BTW, Jonathan Tobin had a great piece on this. Maybe the Post could have gotten a comment from Adnan about what he thought of his relative.

  7. Gary Rosen says:

    ” We will never go back to being Democrats”

    Bla bla rant and rave. So who *did* you vote for? And if you will “never go back to being Democrats” why does every one of your posts target Republicans who are not perfect but are far better friends to Israel now? Omigod, I said “target”, whip me with a wet noodle.

  8. Gary Rosen says:

    “when I read the hypocrisy from people like yourself whining over Jerusalem”

    When did I “whine” over Jerusalem? Is believing Jerusalem to be a Jewish city your definition of “whining”?? You DO sound like Chomsky.

  9. Noam and Gary, you need to remember that there is a “No flames” rule in these comments. Feel free to argue the facts. Do not feel free to sling insults at each other.

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