Mediterranean conference cancelled on account of cooties

When I read something like this Mediterranean summit canceled again due to Arab threat to boycott over Israel (via Daily Alert Blog)

An international summit of Mediterranean leaders has been canceled for the third time because Arab states threatened to boycott if Israel was invited.

I wonder how there’s ever going to be peace.

So many in the media, along with diplomats and politicians fall all over themselves to criticize or condemn Israel for building in its own capital and yet not a single one seems concerned by this infantile hatred of the Jewish state.

Is there a single world leader willing to speak up and say to the Arab/Muslim world, “I know that you’re concerned about the Palestinians, but when you treat Israel as a pariah because Israel hasn’t made peace with the Palestinians, you demonstrate that the issue isn’t fundamentally about Israel failures on any level. Given that you treat your own citizens worse than Israel treats Palestinians – to whom they’ve granted, despte many risks that were realized, more freedom that you grant your own citizens – your outrage is misplaced.

The only reason you avoid Israel is hatred, not justified outrage. In 21st century diplomacy there is no room for such juvenile behavior.”

No one will.

Presumably many Arab states are concerned with Iran and yet won’t even participate in a meeting that could help shore up opposition to Iran. No, Israel would be there and we’d get cooties. Better, I suppose, to get radiation poisoning than to get cooties.

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