Who I’m reading

Well, there’s Elder. And Yaacov. And Daled Amos. And now that he’s not posting so much over here, Soccerdad. And Snoopy.

There’s always the big guns: Hot Air (love those Dude headlines), Glenn Reynolds, Contentions. (Hey! The anti-Semitic comments are gone, but so are all the rest. I’d have gone to moderated, but hey, that’s me.)

Who are you reading?

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4 Responses to Who I’m reading

  1. Veeshir says:

    Can’t do HTML without the button-thing, sorry.
    Besides the biggies (Drudge, Ace, Hot Air and Instapundit):
    I read doubleplusundead (an Ace moronosphere affiliate), Classical Values (Eric Scheie is a
    very thoughtful and intelligent guy because he usually agrees with me), I use the Jawa Report
    for my anti-jihadi info since LGF went anti-any religion, all the time, Fail blog (I don’t
    read the comments, just posts)

    and of course, everyone’s favorite (I can’t believe you didn’t mention him)
    FrnakJ at IMAO.

  2. Rahel says:

    I read you, Laurence Simon, Mind of Mog, RivkA at Coffee and Chemo, Seraphic Secret, Blog d’Elisson, Treppenwitz, Little Green Footballs, Dry Bones, Day by Day and assorted others as the mood strikes me.

  3. soccer dad says:

    Thanks for your support!

  4. Laura SF says:

    I read you & Norm Geras regularly and scan LGF most days. Oh, and I get around to Yaacov’s frequently. Otherwise, I’m trying to cut back.

    I confess – I’d rather view LOLCats than hear more about Obama, Iran, antisemitism, etc. It’s a lot more fun!

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