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Lair Simon has a great video of Nardo playing flippykitty.

Speaking of Lair, he sent me to this link about Captain America being brought back (he was killed by a sniper’s bullet two years ago). Well, I didn’t buy the book when he was killed, and I don’t plan to buy it now. He was killed to sell comics. Same reason most superheroes die. It now serves Marvel’s purpose to bring him back. And dudes, trust me when I tell you that this was decidedly not the scene in most households:

“The reaction was amazing,” says Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “It certainly was like the world went crazy for three days. Everybody had a point of view about it, including fans who hadn’t read the comic for 30 years.”

Ah, no. Most people truly didn’t give a rat’s ass if Cap lived or died. However, I must point out that he was yet another superhero invented by Jews (Joe Simon and Jack Kirby).

Have I mentioned Elder of Ziyon lately? No, I have not. But I should have. Just start at the top and scroll down, you can’t go wrong.

The Trader Joe’s Battle of Couscous: A blog I did not know existed, with a perfect name for a Master of Juvenile Scorn: Divest This! (By the way, the campaign against Trader Joe’s failed miserably. Israeli products flew off the shelves, but in the good way, not the bad way. Click the link for the story.)

Omri’s news feed no longer gives you the full post, so now you have to go there to read his blog. He says it’s my feed. I say it’s his. Tomato, tomato, let’s call the whole thing off. (Say, Omri, when are you heading my way again? I have a guest room now for, well, guests.)

I wonder if Ilyka still gets emails if you post comments at her old site. I think you should all post comments there and see if we can drive her out of retirement (or at least out of hiding).

Contentions has been one of my favorite places these days. It should be on your must-read list. And Yaacov, too. I’m nearly finished with his book, “Right to Exist.”

All right. Another piece missing from this blog is being re-established.

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