If it’s Friday, there must be violent anti-fence protests

Okay, now I’m starting to wonder what’s going on with all these protesters getting hit by tear gas grenade canisters.

Anti-fence rallies in Ramallah area lead to violent clashes between Palestinians and security forces once again: A 20-year-old Palestinian was seriously injured Friday afternoon after being hit in the head by a tear gas grenade in the West Bank village of Naalin, according to protestors who took part in a demonstration against the separation fence being built in the area.

Of course, the reason they’re being injured is because they’re not “peaceful” protesters, as the wire services (and the Palestinian and ISM propagandists) would have you believe.

According to the army, some 400 Palestinians, left-wing activists and foreign nationals hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at the security forces stationed in the area and set tires on fire.

And let’s hear the propaganda line:

According to the Palestinian version, police and Border Guard officers brutally attacked the protestor before they even began demonstrating. In addition, the Palestinians said, the police and soldiers continued to direct the tear gas canisters straight towards them, as they had done in previous incidents several weeks ago which led to the death of one protestor and to the critical injury of another.

But wait. There’s more.

The Palestinians added that five protestors were hurt by inhaling tear gas.

That’s right. Palestinians, knowing full well that there would be tear gas, as there is just about every Friday when the protests turn violent, are complaining that violent protesters were, gee, “injured” by inhaling tear gas. I have a suggestion for them: Stop protesting violently. And yes, that is exactly what they do:

At the same time, an IDF soldier was lightly injured in an anti-fence demonstration in the nearby village of Bilin. Some 80 Palestinians, left-wing activists and foreign nationals attended the rally. They hurled stones at the security forces, who used crowd dispersal means against them.

And by “stones,” they mean “rocks the size of bricks.” Make no mistake, they’re hurling those things to kill, if possible. Here’s a picture from some time ago, of a soldier who was hit by a “stone”:

IDF soldier hit by stone

Don’t believe the minimization of the stone throwing you read in the non-Israeli media. It’s Palestinian propaganda.

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One Response to If it’s Friday, there must be violent anti-fence protests

  1. gliker says:

    And Meryl, I can more than assure you that those little stones can kill.
    When I was in Gaza in 1993, I got hit in the mouth with a ‘stone’ the size of a coke can.
    I woke up at Barzilay hospital, sans some teeth, confused as heck.
    I will have the scar inside my mouth for the rest of my life getting crushed by that stone.

    And the worst thing about it is that we (Israeli soldiers) are so constrained by open-fire rules, nothing can really be done to these ‘stone throwing youths’ other than tear gas.

    And it’s not just those throwing stones… the Arabs arm themselves with sling shots.

    I have had a stone whiz by me head that came from a Palestinian sling shot. Trust me, the rock is going so fast, it can lodge itself in your brain stem through your forehead.

    Spit on the media.

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