Democrats threaten to kneecap Jewish nonprofits

Why is it, exactly, that so many Jews are Democrats? That’s right. Because Democrats are the champions of liberal, social causes. They’re against tyranny and all for liberty, freedom, and especially, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

But heaven help you if you go against what the Democrats want. Like, say, having Sarah Palin appear in the same venue as Hillary Clinton, even if it’s to protest Jew-hater Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Because then, forget about your freedoms of association, speech, and assembly.

Sources tell CBS 2 HD that a decision to disinvite Palin from the high profile rally after Clinton pulled out in a huff came as the result of intense pressure from Democrats.

[…] Sources say the axes were out for Palin as soon as Sen. Clinton pulled out because she did not want to attend the same event as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

[…] The groups sponsoring the rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at the UN were reportedly told, “it could jeopardize their tax exempt status” if they had Palin and not Clinton or Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden on hand.

So all politicians were disinvited, most prominently, Palin.

Got that? Not only would Clinton not appear, but if the groups did not disinvite Palin, Democrats threatened their tax-exempt status. Why? Because they’d sic the IRS on them by calling it a political event. Who was threatened? Well, basically, every major Jewish group in America.

The thing that I hate the most about this? It won’t stop my liberal Jewish friends from voting Democrat in any way. It won’t even make them think twice about the tactics used by the Democrats. And it’s far, far worse than Soccer Dad wrote about the other day. CBS didn’t have the story about Jewish organizations having their tax-exempt status revoked for having Palin speak at the rally.

That’s not a political party pressuring groups to do something. That’s outright break-your-kneecap, Mafia-style blackmail threats.

In fact, those are precisely the kinds of tactics that the Jewish groups will be protesting on Monday. We just never expected them from the Democrats.

Update: Soccerdad has more on the Obama advisor that’s knee-deep in the disinvitation campaign.

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85 Responses to Democrats threaten to kneecap Jewish nonprofits

  1. Republicrat says:

    p.s.: And can we please stop it with the Nazi references? What, you think it is 1938?

  2. Shelley says:

    Meryl, you know better than that.

    Hilary Clinton does not want to get into any direct confrontation with Sarah Palin, and she said that right from the beginning. Too much talk about the two women going head to head — “cat fight” being the operative description.

    Non-profit organizations cannot be seen to be “campaigning” for one candidate or another, or they do risk challenges to their tax exempt status. That applies to every non-profit, and includes other religions.

    As for Palin and Jews for Jesus, you all need to get more familiar with the Assembly of God. This is not a church that’s overly friendly to the Jewish people.

    Oh, and the claims of Democrats being Nazis — when did you lose all the sense you used to have years ago? When did you fall back on cheap hyperbole? To me, to say that demeans what the Jewish people suffered under real Nazis years ago.

  3. Shelley, come on. You’re not reading my comments, you’re reading other people’s comments. I never called Democrats Nazis. I did call them Mafia thugs, though.

    Some of the commenters have gone overboard, and I agree, I would never equate the Dems with Nazis. Not ever. But I’m mostly letting people post what they want.

    And Shelley, non-profit organizations campaign all the time. Churches and synagogues have political candidates speak to their congregations. I don’t see how attending an anti-Ahmadinejad rally is seen as campaigning. And the main point here is that when Hillary was the only politician invited, there wasn’t any talk of threatening the non-profit status of the organizations sponsoring the rally. But when Hillary pulled out, Dems threatened the organizations if they didn’t uninvite Sarah Palin. That’s the whole point of my post. Nothing more, nothing less. The Dems using Mafia tactics to get their way.

    Those aren’t the Democrats I want to vote for.

  4. Re: Republicrat’s #51. He’s right. The next Nazi reference gets deleted.

  5. Republicrat says:

    Hillary Clinton isn’t running for anything. She is a senator from New York, and I presume she would have been there in that capacity. If she were to give a campaign speech, then I would object.

    I realize that there is a fine line here, and there is room for debate. But can’t we do this without calling people Nazis and thugs? Is there not too much of that already?

    These organizations were caught trying to sandbag Hillary Clinton, who is a friend of Israel, as is Biden, as is Barack Obama. I know what some will say: His minister. And they will say to me, because I point at Palin’s minister I should point at Obama’s.

    But I think if you look at the two characters, Obama is someone who has for his whole life wanted to hear all viewpoints. Hearing someone does not mean agreeing with someone. Palin is different. She hears only those who agree with her, and freezes out everything else.

    They are very different people. One is a thinker in the best sense of the word, and the other is not intelligent and not a thinker at all. She is not a thug or a Nazi. She is a limited human being whose only contact with the White House should be during the daily tourist operation.

    Now, Meryl, as someone who votes Republican some of the time and Democrat some of the time, I think I understand your viewpoint, but I am sorry I simply disagree with it. I think these organizations were caught with their pants down, and I think they know it, and I think they should live to fight another day.

  6. section9 says:

    Republicrat: the Jews for Jesus thing was debunked a long time ago. Palin is a Christian Zionist (viz, the Israeli flag in her office). It’s not her fault that her minister in Wasilla has one of the J4J’s over to proseletyze.

    Go back and find another talking point.

  7. Republicrat says:

    “Talking point.” So, this is what reasoning has come to?

  8. MW says:

    “I think Palin’s minister makes Obama’s Rev. Wright look like Mister Rogers. These people want to ban books. They have quite a bunch of guests in there. Not only Jews for Jesus but in June, Mrs. Palin was blessed by a visiting African minister who’s famous for driving witches out of his home town.”

    ZOMFG! Seriously? She got blessed by some crazy guy visiting from Africa? Oh noes! That’s ten times worse than having a 20 year relationship with, and getting polical council from, a degenerate liberation-theologist who prays “God damn America,” celebrates the 9/11 attacks, and uses Farrakkhan’s Nation of Islam for bodyguards.

    Really, being blessed once from some visitor from Africa is much more troubling. You’ve sold me.

    Oh and good job repeating the book banning smear.

  9. MW says:

    Arghh. Counsel.

  10. Gary Rosen says:


    If Obama is a “friend of Israel”, then why does he have these people as foreign policy advisors:


    who are unremittingly hostile to Israel if not downright antisemitic? And what about his long association with a church that supports Hamas, if you’re so bent out of shape about “Jews for Jesus”?

    “But I think if you look at the two characters, Obama is someone who has for his whole life wanted to hear all viewpoints. Hearing someone does not mean agreeing with someone. Palin is different. She hears only those who agree with her, and freezes out everything else.”

    What is your evidence for this? Not Dem talking points, but real evidence? She has had to work with a lot more different people as Governor of Alaska than Obama did as a state legislator where he was sponsored by the Chicago Democratic machine who “took care” of all his political opponents for him. Obama is a slick, shallow hustler with little record of accomplishment and his longtime record of associations stretching back to Ayres and Wright and including the advisors mentioned above prove he is NO friend of Israel, regardless of what he may be saying temporarily to keep Jews voting Democrat.

  11. Maysman says:

    Hay… nice thread… here… Conservative Alaskan blogging & voting for our Sarah and the old guy… I get why Hillary backed out… Did not want to give implied recognition and a pic with her & our Sarah… NP… That’s politics…

    What little old Christian me does NOT understand is why this organization…
    … if their goal was to demonstrate against whathisname from Iran and the putrid pukey policy he promotes of pretty much wiping Israel off the map… and…
    given that our Sarah [We Alaskans are legally allowed to use the possessive pronoun when talking about our Gov… :) ] would GUARANTEE A HUGE CROWD AND ATTENDANT NEWS COVERAGE AND PUBLICITY… wimped out and dis invited our Sarah… Such cowards…

    I think these Jews must not have much in common with the people of Mila 18…
    or the Marines in my all time favorite book… [Battlecry]… They would be the ones sent off to be slaughtered if all it takes is a little political pressure to make them fold.

    I worked 14 years in Saudi Arabia and know EXACTLY how Muslims [Sunni’s there anyway] feel about Israel and Jews…

    Beware people, as Iran marches slowly but surely towards nucs… and… choose your vote carefully…

  12. Republicrat says:

    The book banning is not a “smear.” She asked her town librarian about banning books. This was at a time when her church was agitating to ban books. She later said that these conversations were “theoretical.” You don’t have a “theoretical conversation” with a librarian about banning books.

    Malley, Brzenski and McPeak are not “antisemites.”

  13. crad says:

    I hear you, Maysman. I’m not Jewish either, but when I heard all this going down I, too, wondered how these organizations could allow themselves to be bullied by a party that harbors their political fidelity.


  14. MW says:

    You don’t have a “theoretical conversation” with a librarian about banning books.

    Given that she never attempted to ban any books, you clearly can have a theoretical discussion about it.

    Anyway, it obviously wasn’t about banning anything; the library is a public resource that cannot hold every book in the universe – the public has a right to decide what it wants to pay for. Some groups of people have different ideas than others about what resources should belong there.

    You will find that there are millions of parents in this country, many of whom are not at all sympathetic to fundamentalist Christianity, who agree that a public, taxpayer funded library
    need not be a repository for everything and anything, particularly material that they might find unsuitable for their children. The right to free speech is not a right to public funding.

    By all means, continue to use the “she tried to ban books” lie in a hysterical attempt to paint Palin as some kind of theocrat. It just reveals the intellectual bankruptcy of Obama’s supporters. Is this really the best you guys can do?

  15. CKA in Red State USA says:

    It must be Republicrat’s assignment from Obama central to spout what he has today.

    My favorite? That Palin’s minister makes Jeremiah Wright look like Mister Rogers.

    OK, mister or miss, prove it. Show sermons, tapes, etc.

    Prove or retract it, if you’ve the figurative or literal testicularity.

    BTW: Given the overt facism being practiced by Obama and his cronies to squelch free speech — e.g., attacks against Chicago radio shows, veiled or not-so-vield threats of retaliation against broadcast outlets, real threats against Jewish organizations, Cyberspace crime against Palin — yes, I’d say it is 1938 in whatever part of Obama’s and the Democrats’,liberals’ and leftists’ mind and soul in which he and they collectively are both afraid and abhorrent of free speech.

    That is one very real signature of fascism.

  16. EW1(SG) says:

    #55 republicrat:

    They are very different people. One is a thinker in the best sense of the word, and the other is not intelligent and not a thinker at all. She is not a thug or a Nazi. She is a limited human being whose only contact with the White House should be during the daily tourist operation.

    I have to disagree with you here. According to my sources who worked in the White House during the Clinton administration (among others), Hillary is very much a thug and certainly should have nothing to do with the daily tourist operations.

    Governor Palin, on the other hand, is extremely well read, articulate, and effective. Something else that Hillary is not particularly known for.

  17. carter says:

    wow, by mistake I came upon this site while checking out your headline. You have some pretty nutty commenters who come close to outright antisemitism in their “why don’t Jews” remarks but they ascribe antisemitism to everyone else. I guess that’s why they’re called “wingnuts” in polite society. Because of them, I’d like to nominate “republicrat” for sainthood for his calm reasoning with unreasonable people. May you live long enough to find one good person to reason with here republicrat. Sarah Palin believes the world is only a few thousand years old!! :) hehheh. ’nuff said.
    btw, democrats didn’t threaten anyone’s precious tax status, just fyi.

  18. Republicrat says:

    I can see that this is not a serious discussion. It has gone from people calling each other Nazis and thugs, to others altering people’s words. Goodbye.

  19. Ferklempt says:

    Why are so many Jews Democrats? Because we Jews have long memories. We remember our parents generation, when Republicans were mostly rich, mostly Gentile, and mostly bigoted against minorities. Times have changed and the roles of the Democrats and Republicans have switched 180 degrees. Some of us realize that. We know which party respects people as individuals and which party is mired in the politics of race, gender, and group identity. Unfortunately, the Republicans are not as good as the Democrats in creating fear and suspicion among voting blocs. Hate is an easier sell than principles.

  20. MW says:

    I can see that this is not a serious discussion. It has gone from people calling each other Nazis and thugs, to others altering people’s words. Goodbye.

    Please don’t go Republicrat, everyone was enjoying your serious and well-thought out commentary, with such gems as

    She is a limited human being whose only contact with the White House should be during the daily tourist operation.

    Your staunch commitment to the cause of reasonable discourse will be deeply missed.

  21. Gekkobear says:

    Well, that threat is a loser.

    2004 NAACP Convention, Kerry Attends, Bush doesn’t.

    Kerry and Bond both make partisan political comments, and the results of the IRS investigation?

    Still tax exempt, and the problem triggering the investigation was Bond’s comments. Not Kerry’s presence, or even his bashing Bush at that forum.

  22. pearl89 says:

    It seems to me that most people take everything they read at face value without bothering to do any research. Instead of insulting Clinton,Palin, and each other; why don’t you take that time to do some investigating about this article?

    You might find out that Obama’s team had nothing to do with HClinton pulling out of the rally. You might also discover that Obama’s campaign offered to send a representative to the event. Obama nor Biden could attend due to the lateness of the invitation they received and because of prior engagements.

    But I guess it’s just more fun to rant, rave, and name call instead of finding out something about the actual events that transpired.

  23. EW1(SG) says:

    #67 republicrat:

    I can see that this is not a serious discussion.

    So can I. Its extremely difficult to take anybody seriously who equates the hatred taught by the Rev. Wright to Mr. Rogers.

    It has gone from people calling each other Nazis and thugs, to others altering people’s words.

    I agree, the Nazi references in the thread are uncalled for~however, I stand by my witnesses to Mrs. Clinton’s thuggish behavior towards White House staff.

    And I haven’t seen anybody alter anyone else’s comments: Having read one of your comments and responded to it, it was only after going back and reading the rest of the thread that I realized how seriously misinformed you are, and that you probably didn’t mean your comment the way I read it.

    Keep this in mind, nights in Alaska are long. There isn’t much else to do but read and think. And Alaskans in general are fascinated by Israel: seeing many of the qualities that make Alaskans hardy frontiersmen in Israelis, they readily identify with them.

    Alaskans also value entertainment, so they’re likely to go see the new show in town, whether it be some weirdo from J4J or Africa.

    Like I said, the nights can get long. (My personal favorite for Alaskan entertainment remains the February wet T-shirt contest in Kodiak, fortunately its an indoor event.)

  24. Herschel says:

    69 comments so far, this is fantastic!

    Message to the neo-Dems, many of us Jews are not falling for your phony politics any longer. In my family, many that have voted for the Dems for all of our lives, and the vote taken for granted, have, and are making the switch to the party that supports Israel–McCain/Palin!

    Warning to Jewish fundraisers; I will carefully monitor your politics before I give you any more of my money!

  25. #67 carter: Oh, since you said it, it must be so. I withdraw my entire post. Say, you wouldn’t have any kind of facts to back that up, would you?

    By the way, nice choice of handle. We Jews just adore Jimmy Carter these days, what with him calling Israel an apartheid state and always excusing the war crimes of the Palestinians.

    pearl89, read the next post. Soccerdad has done more research on the organization that worked to disinvite Palin, and gee, the main guy? He’s an Obama advisor.

  26. yochanan says:

    i totally dislike PAT PUKEANAN but i would not even call him a ‘nazi’ an anti semite of course. but to use the term ‘nazi’ would belittle the crimes of the ‘nazi’s. now there are plenty of groups and countries that would like to do what the nazi’s did to us. to name a few would be hezballah, hamas, al quada, the iranian al quds force as well as the iranian gov’t. what PAT PUKEANAN AND A.N.S.W.E.R (COMMIE ANTI SEMITES) AGREE ON IS THERE POLITICAL ANTI SEMITISM IN THE FORM OF ANTI ZIONISM.

    What this showed was that Hillary was about Hillary and not us. If she cared about the iranian nukes she would have gladly spoken who ever was the other speakers. For example the number of liberal democrats who have spoken at so called anti war ralleis with known communists and other anti american and anti semitic trash is well known and it never seemed to bother them.

    a shame on hillary for walking out on the jewish community in our hour of need. Iran getting a nuke is Israel’s worst danger. Now that the democrat UNCLE JAKE’S sold israel out one should be careful which jewish group you give your tzducka to.

    it also showed the back stabing that liberal so called jewish group j-street is doing the democrats dirty work. SHAME ON YOU J-STREET.

  27. yochanan says:

    J-STREET is happy to stab israel in the back as well REMEMBER THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE GROUP because the hate they seem to have for AIPAC a group that proudly supports Israel.

  28. Still Confused says:

    I’m Jewish and vote Republican, but I lived most of my life outside the US, so I’m out of touch with the Jewish = Democrat phenomenon .. I’m still trying to puzzle it out.

  29. Jack says:

    Sorry, Palin is a serious lightweight with no serious foreign policy or economic experience.

    I am not a fan of Hilary Clinton, but I’d wager that she’d shred Palin in a debate.

    As for which party is a better defender of Israel, well I don’t trust either of them. They will continue to support Israel as long as they find it to be politically expedient and not a moment longer.

    And my concern about Palin’s church extends beyond the J4J issue. It exists because of support for witnessing. It exists because of foolish statements made by her pastor.

    It exists because I prefer candidates who at least pretend to make decisions that are not based upon prayer.

    Palin is not getting based for being ignorant in a vacuum. She is getting bashed because she is ignorant and inexperienced in critical areas.

  30. MIke says:


    A Dem would make and a** of herself for her party and make a threat? Why do dems hate everything about FREEDOM? Why do they want to brainwash the world with “We are the ONES you have been waiting for?” They are not the ONES I have been waiting for. Enough empty suits in Congress, the Senate and the ONE running for President! If you can beat them destroy them! Why does the Masiah keep bringing up race? It is because he has nothing else to fall on but pitty , in my mind his color shows and his color is the color of a Commy! As far as the Jewish people you don’t have to back down from the very people who are bring the county to it’s knees and rewarding themselves with millions of dollars. They are afraid of Sarah because she will clean the theives out of Congress and the Senate. They have our money in their pockets and in thei vacation homes. Don’t be afraid of the truth Sarah don’t need to be at a protest she needs to be with the people not a bunch of demacrats, Jane Fonda and the commy party!

  31. Dave P. says:

    Sorry, Palin is a serious lightweight with no serious foreign policy or economic experience.

    …and yet, you’re going to vote for Obama… who has less.

  32. Jack says:

    They are afraid of Sarah because she will clean the theives out of Congress and the Senate.

    Hah. That is laughable. What makes you think that she has any intention or ability to do so. She hasn’t yet.

    …and yet, you’re going to vote for Obama… who has less.

    It is truly debatable who has less experience. Palin’s experience as gov. and mayor are nothing to crow about.

    Her governing experience is filled with tales of personal vendettas, flip flopping and a score of other question marks.

  33. corwin says:

    I’m truly sorry to say this,but I suspect you were a,(Lowers voice) Liberal Arts major.How else can i explain the lack of straight line thinking where a person worries about Gov Palin’s pastor and ‘foolish positions’.Certainly Sen Obama’s Pastor (and hisfreindly priest) have been hate mongers.And the Sen attended Rev Wright’s place for a couple decades.
    I suspect that Sen Obama’s beliefs take a back seat to expedience.But ,could you please comment on whether the vid eo on hte net captured the only slime filled(anti white/anti US sermon) delevered in the 20 yrs or so.Remember,I’m only asking for an opinion(belief)
    From “When I was a Lad”
    As a youngster I lacked moral insight
    So I took my instruction fro reverend Wright
    I slept through sermons-from Spring through Fall
    and I never heard him slander anyone at all!
    I slept through sermons so incessantly,that now I am my party’s chosen nominee
    “He slepth through sermons so consistently
    that now he is his Party’s Chosen nominee

  34. corwin says:

    Personal vendetta?Give me two
    Flip flopping?Give me two
    Hum,hum,hum hum
    My Orgamizing had such low yields,
    I was sent to the Senate -in downstate Springfield
    I voted “present” in a voice so bland
    And I alwys helped my patron,if he’d grease my hand
    I voted “present” so con-sis-tent-ly
    That now I am my party’s chosen Nominee
    “He voted’Present’ so ef-fort-less-ly
    That now he is his parties chosen nominee

  35. corwin says:

    A couple of other questons on your logic.How do you state Gov Palin’s faith based views are too strong,and then say it would be easy for her to abandon Israel?

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