Carnival Of The Cats #149

Carnival of the Cats #149 is over at the place most people think of first when catblogging: Mind Of Mog! Mog is going through some tough times and doctor-enforced downtime, so you might want to take a moment to hit her PayPal tipjar.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Catmodel of the Week…

It’s Willie, who can be found at Sleeping Mommy.

Folks who want a shot at being a Catmodel of the Week need to be a part of the banner at Carnival of the Cats. Just send me a 4 by 3 photo of your cat and your weblog link and I’ll add your cat to the banner.

Who knows… you may just see them here as a Catmodel of the Week!

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I'm a thirty-something dataschmuck in Houston, TX. I spend my free time grilling, baking, playing with cats, and trying to invent the Tequila Sunset.
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  1. Paul says:

    Who does not like cats ? :)

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