Hizbullah hits Haifa

Katyusha rockets—supplied by Iran, bought from Russia (who protects Iran in the UN Security Council because Russia wants to sell more weapons to Iran), and quite possibly fired by Iranian Revolutionary Guards—hit the Israeli city of Haifa today. Missiles also landed in Nahariya again, and Safed. Add 26 more Israeli civilians to the casualty count.

VIDEO – A missile fired from Lebanon on Thursday evening exploded in the northern city of Haifa, officials said.

Firefighters and rescue services who reached the scene of the attack didn’t report any civilian casualties.

Earlier, six Katyusha rockets exploded in central Nahariya on Thursday evening as President Moshe Katsav toured the northern town.

In the latest attacks, rockets were also fired at Safed where the Maccabi Hospital suffered a direct hit.

Nineteen Safed residents were injured in a barrage of Katyushas that exploded in the northern city, including one critically, paramedics said.

Ha’aretz says Hezbullah denies hitting Haifa. Of course they deny it. To admit it would be tantamount to declaring war on all of Israel. Deniability allows the UN and EU to pretend it didn’t happen.

Two rockets slammed into the northern port city of Haifa on Thursday evening. The rockets hit the Stella Maris area near French Carmel. There were no reported casualties.

Hezbollah denied firing the rockets Thursday evening, after a day in which a woman in Nahariya was killed and another 120 people were wounded when scores of Katyusha rockets fired by Hezbollah guerillas rained down across northern Israel.

The IDF has ordered northern Israeli residents into their bomb shelters for the night. Stay safe, all my friends in Israel.

Hezbullah delende est.

(Update deleted until more fact-checking can be done.)

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5 Responses to Hizbullah hits Haifa

  1. LynnB says:

    Mere Rhetoric is now reporting that (according to Israeli news) the missiles that hit Haifa were too big to be katyushas.

  2. LynnB says:

    Never mind. Missile size now revised downward, it seems.

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  4. Michael Lonie says:

    Maybe Hezbollah’s bosses the Iranians fired the missile at Haifa and didn’t bother to tell their sock puppets they had done so. That’s giving the terrorist swine the benefit of the doubt, which they don’t deserve.

    They blew up a hospital in Safad. These jerks certainly put a lot of faith in the self-restraint of the Jews. Any Arab government, faced with this sort of stuff, would give the Palis and South Lebanon in general the Hama treatment. One day Israeli restraint will crack, and the result won’t be pretty. Of course if the Arabs and Iranians succeed at their aims it will be a new Holocaust. I tend to think of those who are hostile to Israel (like the UN’s sea-green corruptibles and the EUnuchs) as being comfortable with the idea of somebody renewing the Nazi War against the Jews. The only alternative I see is that they are too stupid to comprehend what is happening in the world.

  5. Israeli restraint will never crack. Never forget, Israel is a Jewish state. We answer to a higher authority.

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