Israel oppresses palestinian students

By making them take their exams:

Education was also added to the list recently, at the Civil Administration’s recommendation and with the Defense Ministry’s approval. That is why Israel coordinated with the Palestinians on holding this year’s matriculation examinations in the West Bank. For this purpose, Israel approved the passage of teachers, proctors and pupils between various regions.

Security sources told Haaretz that “without this coordination with us, the entire school year in the West Bank would have been wasted. There is no justification for doing that to pupils who have completed 12 years of studies. It is not their fault that Hamas rose to power.”

Chalk up another piece of news you will never see in the mainstream media. However, I do recall reading a story on the misery of students in Gaza, who can’t go to school for some reason or other. Nothing on Sderot’s students having to dodge near-daily rocket attacks, of course.

What time is it, kids? That’s right, it’s Israeli Double Standard time.

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