But hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise

I saw an article in Ynet about a Menorah in Philadelphia being vandalized. So I did a quick search on Google News for “menorah vandalized.”

I found news about the one in Philadelphia.

And the one in Holbrook. (Pictures here).

And the one in Ann Arbor.

And the one in Briarcliff Manor.

And the one in Pearl River.

And the removal of the menorah–but not the Christmas tree–from the “holiday” display at a California mall. (It was put back after an outcry.)

But it isn’t anti-Semitism that is on the rise (despite the fact that in 2004, two-thirds of all anti-religious bias crimes were against Jews). It’s crimes against Muslims. Right?


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2 Responses to But hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise

  1. Susan Schwartz says:

    Unfortunately, the atmosphere of political correctness (despite 9/11)has made it so that anything negative that happens to Muslims makes news and requires sympathy. But anything negative that happens to Jews or to Israelis is explained away, justified, and quickly forgotten. Until we Jews become more vocal, this is not likely to change.

  2. boinkie says:

    Ah, but there have also been assaults on Santa Claus and numerous Baby Jesus statues removed from crypts…
    Not to mention flags removed from houses and even cemetaries…
    A sad commentary on our times…

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