Carnival of the Cats #79

Hulk not been here since girl start new blog. Girl say to be nice to people who read this. Hulk tell girl what to write, but girl tell Hulk what to say. Hulk’s head spinning. Girl say welcome to Carnival of the Cats. Hulk like carnivals. Carnivals have lots of good things to eat. Hot dogs and hamburgers and cotton candy. Hulk pick up candy machine once looking for cotton. Hulk only find candy. Boy at machine run away. Hulk had dollar. Hulk was going to pay. Anyway. Cats. Hulk like kitties. Meryl’s cats not like Hulk. Keep hiding when Hulk is here. Hulk not get that. What? Oh. We start.

Boy say Tucker is mean cat. Boy say you need to be careful around cat. Hulk say he not worried about Tucker.

Gizmo sit near girl’s computer and not let her use mouse. Hulk not see mouse, only computer parts. Bah. Tell cat to move.

Clover cat has head. Then cat not have head. Hulk not do it. Hulk swear! Here other cat’s head. Can girl use this cat’s head on cat that not have one? Hulk has glue.

Ferdinand think he on throne. Look like chair to Hulk. Hulk needs bigger chair than that.

Here another cat’s head. This one in language girl can’t read. Hulk can’t read at all, so what? (Oh. Girl say it really cool that CoTC is international. What "international"?)

Cat’s girl say Abby watching out for us. Abby cute cat. Black and white. Hulk would like green cat. Anyone got green cat?

This cat looking in mirror. Hulk like mirror, but it break too easy. Everything break too easy for Hulk.

Cat in human’s spot on bed. Not problem for Hulk. Move bed. Leave cat on floor.

Ooh. Pretty, pretty cat. Trying to hide on rug. But Hulk can see pretty cat! Pretty!

Another black and white cat. This cat watching wine bottles. Hey. Any wine for Hulk?

Girl say these are Israeli cats. Rahel sneeze when she around cats. Not even her cats. Hulk been to Israel once. Sabra has stupid costume. Stupid powers, too. Hulk beat Sabra. Girl say that was during really stupid story years, and Hulk is better now. Hulk like that.

KITTEN! KITTEN! HULK WANT KITTEN! KITTEN! WHAT? Oh. Hulk be quiet. Windows break again. Other cat, too. Pretty. Hulk want both.

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Tal–Thal–Kitty! Happy birthday to you!

Girl say this cat is real Mellow Yellow. What that?

Look at cat, help people in trouble. That work.

Cat hunt stick. Cat win. Good for cat.

This cat fluffier than Tig. Grey cat. Remind me of Grey Hulk. Me not like to talk about that much.

Lots of cats at this place. Pretty page. Hulk like.

HAHAHAHA! Cat on side with belly up. What? Girl not think that funny? Stupid girl.

Uh-oh. This cat look mad. Hulk wonder what made it mad. Not good to make Hulk mad. Bet not good to make cat mad, either.

Hey! No picture here, just story about cat. Hulk want picture! What spayed?

Oh. Lots of pictures here. Pretty, furry cat. And ‘nother black and white cat. Hulk like both.

Shhh. Kitty sleeping here. Hulk turn head back and forth and up and down, can’t find top or bottom of cat. Someone find and tell Hulk, please.

More pretty kitty belly. Black and grey and white. Girl say to tell you hair will be black when full-grown. How does girl know?



Wow. That one big kitty face. Girl say, "I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille." Huh? Hulk not get it.

Pretty kitty. Zoe washing Shelley. Girl say she remember picture of Zoe on Shelley’s arm. Hulk not remember it. Girl say Hulk not see it. But girl did. Huh. Not fair.

This cat called Tunch. That sound like punch. Hulk like to punch. Hulk ask girl to say what long word mean. She say it mean "lots of toes." Hulk has lots of toes. Hulk not think that big deal.

Wow. This cat very pretty. Girl say cat is–wait, she say it for me–"gorgeous." Wow. Not know what gorgeous is, but cat very pretty.

‘Nother black and white cat. Pretty. Hulk like. Hulk want.

Girl say this cat from Sissy Willis. Girl say it talk about pork. Cat not pork. Okay, cat fat, but cat not pork. Hey. That cat not fat! Just look that way ’cause of picture. Sissy Willis fool Hulk. Hulk not like to be fooled. Oooh, pretty. Hulk like this one. Hulk forgive Sissy.

Hey! There a dog in this picture. Why there dog? This cat picture show! Go away, dog! Leave cat alone!

Pretty cat. Food not look so good. But cat like it. Hulk stick to people food.

Yay! Another birthday! Hulk sing again! What? Oh. Girl say not. Broke windows last time.

Two more pretty cats. Hulk want both. Can Hulk have cat? Please?

Stripey cat look soft and cuddly. Hulk want this cat, too.

This cat have horns? Hulk not see horns. Only ears. And whiskers. And eyebrows. Hulk fight Rhino. Rhino have horns. Rhino not cat. Rhino ugly and mean.

This cat in sink. Gracie like to sit in sink. Hulk not try to sit in sink. Too small.

There lots of cats in this one. But who is Rita?

Okay. Cat not Rita. Cat Izzy. But girl talk about three and four cats and Rita. Hulk head starting to hurt. Wait? More cats? None of them named Rita? Ow. Hulk dizzy!

Duck and cover? Duck and cover? Hulk never cover, but sometimes Hulk duck. Missiles hurt!

And last, not least, girl say link to this cat post at man who make Carnival: Girl say Piper tell us difference between Category 1 and Category 5 hurricane. Hulk think Piper pretty. Hulk not care for hurricane. Windy.

That end of Carnival, girl says. Oh, no, wait. One more.

Tig and Gracie on the sofa

Now it end. Hulk go find kitten.

Next week’s Carnival of the Cats is at Music and Cats.

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