This is a Zionist blog. I put the next paragraph in the “About Me” page. But it still doesn’t seem to be a good enough explanation for those idiots who can’t seem to understand a straightforward explanation of why I won’t let them post comments here.

I am a Zionist. I am an avowed, unabashed, unashamed supporter of Israel and Zionism (the establishment and maintenance of a Jewish state) and an uncompromising foe of anti-Semitism. If you hate Israel and Jews, you’re in the wrong place. This is a No Israel-bashing zone. This is a Zionist blog. I don’t care how badly you want to bash Israel on this blog. It’s not happening here.

So, for the intellectually challenged readers who simply must tell me exactly what they think is wrong with Israel, and why I should let them say so on my blog, click on those links, particularly this one. It explains why I don’t allow anti-Israel comments in this blog. It explains why I’ve restricted comments to registered users only, and why registration is currently closed. I am so tired of having the same arguments, over and over again, with the same kinds of idiots who think that either I’ve never heard the points they’re making (they’re wrong) or that this time, really, I’m going to read their brilliant repartee and come over to their side of the argument (they’re wrong).

There are millions, probably billions of other places where you can go and argue about Israel. Feel free to go there and put up the same, tired arguments that I’ve read thousands of times.

As for me, well, been there, done that, have no intention of letting you do it here. You don’t like it? Tough. Life is unfair. Deal with it.