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The DDOS is over and bin Laden is dead briefs

Burial at sea? That was much too good for him: Leave it to the AP to bring on the downer news in its main story about bin Laden’s death. Look, we know his death isn’t going to have a huge … Continue reading

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Religion of Peace™ roundup

No, really, Islam is tolerant of other religions: Indonesian police found a 330-pound bomb underneath a gas line near a church. Think of the extra deviousness of placing the bomb next to a gas line. The death toll during this … Continue reading

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And now the denials and lies on the Itamar attackers

Here we go. The families of the two terrorists who confessed to murdering five members of the Fogel family refuse to believe the two committed the massacre. Hakim Awad’s mother, Nawef, claimed that her son was at home the night … Continue reading

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Fogel family slaughterers arrested

The IDF arrested two Palestinians for the Fogel family massacre. Turns out that Netanyahu was right: It was the culture of hatred that turned these children into murderers. The first suspect is Hakim Mazen Awad, 18, a high school student … Continue reading

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When a war crime is not a war crime

The charge of “war crime” is thrown endlessly at Israel, to the point that the Goldstone Report was commissioned and issued by the United Nations Human Rights Committee. It dealt with supposed war crimes by Israel, yet did not once … Continue reading

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Terrorists up the ante; media bias still the same

Terrorists from Gaza have been deliberately firing rockets and missiles during the times when children are going to and from school. It’s been a miracle that so far, a major catastrophe has not occurred. Today, they hit a schoolbus minutes … Continue reading

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Friday Friday briefs briefs

And the Turks said they found no weapons aboard the plane: Remember this story? I do. The Turks originally said the plane was searched and released and that they found no weapons aboard it. And yet, they are reporting to … Continue reading

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Wednesday in the news

Is there a plan that this president does not think needs increased spending? Obama’s going to pretend to care about high gas prices in a speech today. His solution? The administration officials offered few details on how Obama would turn … Continue reading

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The Ugh, it’s Monday briefs

The anti-Israel bias: So subtle even I missed it. I read this story yesterday, and it seemed pretty even-handed for the most part. At least, there weren’t any glaring anti-Israel remarks, except of course, the Gaza war “including 900 civilians” … Continue reading

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AP: All the Propaganda that’s fit to print

The AP should change its name to All Propaganda. Witness: Israeli airstrike kills 2 Gaza militants1 Israeli aircraft struck a Palestinian rocket squad in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, killing two militants2 as the military prepared to activate a new … Continue reading

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