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Oil Shale Economics

Thomas Friedman wrote today about the need for the United States to reduce our need for foreign oil, proposing a phased $1 tax on gasoline to help wean us from it. This would certainly reduce consumption, but it would not … Continue reading

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So…What if?

Let us for a moment ask, “What if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to control Egypt?” Let us in addition argue that this would not be in the form of an Iran-esque theocracy, but a Turkish style Islamist democracy. I wrote … Continue reading

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Distorting Mideast policy

According to Laura Rozen (note here yesterday) the administration’s upset that Netnayahu isn’t infinitely pliable. The American team is said to be frustrated and upset at Netanyahu’s dismissal to date of the package, which was drafted by the NSC’s Dennis … Continue reading

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Because that Israel lobby just distorts American policy so much

Yesterday’s Washington Post features At White House, Obama and Saudi king discuss Guantanamo, Mideast peace process by Ann Kornblut. The article features a number of interesting paragraphs: Broaching a sensitive subject, President Obama assured the visiting king of Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Friday morning briefs

There’s hope for the AP yet: This is the single most balanced piece by the AP on Israel I’ve read in years. It’s about Netanyahu withdrawing from the upcoming nuclear conference in Washington to prevent Arab nations from making the … Continue reading

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Quick, we need a commission, a resolution and a condemnation; I see collective punishment

Summarizing the resolution passed by the UN Human Rights farce Council, UN-Truth writes: The resolution endorsed the recommendations in the Goldstone report, and recommended that the UN General Assembly “consider” the report in its current session (which lasts until late … Continue reading

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Friday SNB

Reap what you sow dept.: A Saudi prince was injured by a terrorist who blew himself up on his way to meet with him. Don’t you just love how the AP talks about the prince spearheading the “aggressive” Saudi anti-terrorism … Continue reading

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Saudi ERA Watch, AP whitewash edition

How cool is this? Wow, a member of the Saudi royal family says he sure does hope that someday, little girls in Saudi Arabia can grow up to play sports! (But not with men. Never with men.) Appealing to a … Continue reading

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Freeman: a Saudi investment about to pay off?

Mere Rhetoric has an excellent roundup and analysis of the possible appointment of Chas Freeman to be the chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Ed Lasky provides more background. Now the Obama Mideast Monitor is reporting that the appointment is … Continue reading

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False claims of victory and peaceful intentions

From Israel Speeds Withdrawal From Gaza (via memeorandum): It remained unclear what impact the conflict had had on Hamas’s popularity in Gaza. Israeli officials said Hamas had been harmed politically. Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz suggested that Hamas was rapidly losing … Continue reading

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The jihad against blasphemy starts with interfaith understanding

Irony pervades this lead paragraph: Saudi Arabia, the oil-rich Islamic kingdom that forbids the public practice of other religious faiths, will preside Wednesday over a two-day U.N. conference on religious tolerance that will draw more than a dozen world leaders, … Continue reading

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Shilling for the Saudis

Reuters has a puff piece that pretends to be reporting about the “liberalization” of Saudi Arabian cities. Let’s take a look. The Saudi government has a project to develop at least four “economic cities” where many expect the religious establishment … Continue reading

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Veneer of tolerance

Late last week, the NY Sun reported that the recent Saudi sponsored conference on religion ended on a “sour note.” A statement read by the sponsoring organization at the end of the conference, wasn’t the same one that participants had … Continue reading

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Islam and tolerance of other faiths

Does anyone else think that organizing a conference on interfaith dialogue—from the Saudia Arabian city of Mecca, a place in which only Muslims are allowed to set foot—is a signal that perhaps the Saudis don’t really mean what they say? … Continue reading

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