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Signs of Wanting Peace

According to a recent New York Times article: The Palestinian decision to apply for full United Nations membership at the Security Council, announced Friday by President Mahmoud Abbas, was the most viable of the only options possible: surrender, return to violence or appeal … Continue reading

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Where Negotiations Begin

I have never wondered why negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians are so difficult. There are many obvious reasons. You can probably name a half-dozen without much thought. Yet, there is one reason that they have gotten more difficult in … Continue reading

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What No One Seems to Be Mentioning

When President Obama spoke last week at the State Department, he said something, different things, that upset virtually every Middle Eastern nation or group. Pissing off the Mullahs does not bother me. Calling out Bahrain while not mentioning Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Who’s Going Under The Bus?

President Obama is going to lay out his new Middle East policy this week including a new attempt to force a start to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. We can discuss later a fact which we have discussed many times before, namely the … Continue reading

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Non-Violence as a Military Tactic

In Mark Perry’s recent article in Foreign Policy, he wrote: In Cairo, in June of 2009, President Obama linked the Palestinian quest for freedom to the American civil rights movement. “Palestinians must abandon violence,” he said. “Resistance through violence and killing … Continue reading

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Two states, side by side, living in peace. Yeah. Right.

Once again, the Palestinians have proven how eager they are to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors. (Once again, the AP proves its bias.) A Palestinian policeman opened fire Sunday at a group of Israelis who had come to … Continue reading

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Monday, briefly

And the word “Muslim” does not appear in this news story: French immigrants of “North African” descent attacked and badly beat a Jew for being a Jew. I think they meant to attack him for being a Zionist, and the … Continue reading

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The UK: Hey, let’s demonize Israel on human rights!

There are human rights violators, and then there is Israel. The U.K. Foreign office has released its report on the world’s 26 worst human rights violators. Here’s the intro: This section of the report refers to the 26 countries where … Continue reading

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Uninformed people, understandable. Uninformed journalists, no: So religious Jews wrapping themselves in tefillin and praying is an “elaborate ritual“? Really? Because I’ve seen people put on tefillin, and it’s not all that elaborate. The AP can’t even get something this … Continue reading

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The aftermath of a massacre

“They murder, we build” is what Netanyahu is telling the world as Israel moves to build more homes in settlement blocs that will remain part of Israel under any peace deal. The fact that these blocs will be Israel? Doesn’t … Continue reading

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Friday, briefly

Oh, yeah. Egyptians want peace with Israel: The Egyptians are refusing to resume supplying natural gas, for which Israel contracted and is paying, to Israel. The company supplies 45% of Israel’s electricity needs. Say, you think we’re going to hear … Continue reading

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Thursday news briefs

Yeah, but this time, you’ll be boycotted: India.Arie, a singer whom I’ve never heard of ’til today (sorry, I’m just not hip anymore), is releasing her new album with songs in Hebrew and English, in collaboration with Israeli singer Idan … Continue reading

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Wheels within wheels within wheels

If true, this is a major step forward by the Palestinians: Palestinian sources told the London-based al-Hayat Thursday that a plan by Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to create a unity government with both rival Palestinian factions had already been approved … Continue reading

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Sunday news briefs

Smart power! The PA is saying that the U.S. should be “ashamed” of vetoing the settlement resolution. Imagine, if you will, the outrage that would spew if an Israeli official—even anonymously—said the U.S. should be ashamed for anything regarding Israel. … Continue reading

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U.S. vetoes settlement resolution

Sanity prevails. The U.S. today vetoed a draft resolution in the United Nations Security Council that would have declared Israel’s settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to be illegal and demanded a halt to such activity. U.S. … Continue reading

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