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Spinning Jew hatred

YouGov took a poll of British attitudes towards Jews, which found that 45% of Brits hold anti-Semitic attitudes towards Jews. They also surveyed British Jews about how safe they feel in Britain. The following are the resulting headlines of those … Continue reading

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On Henry Kissinger and the Jews

A long, long time ago, I saw a protest against Henry Kissinger. There was a sign that left an indelible impression on me. “In Egypt he is Kissinger, in Israel he is Killinger.” Now I know why. Gal Beckerman, a … Continue reading

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The messaging or the strategy?

In a meeting with fifteen Rabbis last week, White House shief of staff Rahm Emanuel said that the administration “screwed up the messaging.” Part of me wants to buy that, but I’m very skeptical. I’d have been a lot more … Continue reading

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The blogger’s guide to anti-Semitic comment trolls

Eight years ago this spring, at the height of the suicide bombings of Yasser Arafat’s terror war known as the second intifada, I started blogging about Jewish and Israeli issues. This, of course, brought out the anti-Israel crazies. I came … Continue reading

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Dhimmitude on display

Iranian Jews are the finest example of how Jews were treated in Muslim nations during the good old days of the Caliphate. Witness: Besides their support, Mutai stressed that “ever since the revolution, the Jewish community has tried very hard … Continue reading

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Chabad massacre: They did try to kill the baby

I have not written about the Mumbai terrorist attack for a variety of reasons. There is a half-finished essay that is waiting for the right words before you can see it. One of the things I wondered was why the … Continue reading

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The Carnival of the Jews

Haveil Havalim is up at A Barbaric Yawp, one of the best-named blogs, ever. Go read the many different bloggers writing about Israel and Jewish issues. And forgive me, I forgot to link last week’s. It was at Jack’s, who … Continue reading

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Islam and tolerance of other faiths

Does anyone else think that organizing a conference on interfaith dialogue—from the Saudia Arabian city of Mecca, a place in which only Muslims are allowed to set foot—is a signal that perhaps the Saudis don’t really mean what they say? … Continue reading

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