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Religion of Peace™ roundup

No, really, Islam is tolerant of other religions: Indonesian police found a 330-pound bomb underneath a gas line near a church. Think of the extra deviousness of placing the bomb next to a gas line. The death toll during this … Continue reading

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But Sunnis would never ally themselves with Shi’ites …

Tweeted by Martin Kramer – Ehud Ya’ari writes: For the last few months, a forty-three-page Arabic-language booklet has been emailed to Hamas activists in the Gaza Strip and to select members of the group in the West Bank and elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Muslim ERA/medieval punishment watch

Those tolerant Muslims in the United Arab Emirates—the nation you may remember due to the voluminous Mossad hit squad activity there when a Hamas terrorist was killed—have had its highest court rule that it’s just ducky for a man to … Continue reading

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The Cordoba House and the Caliphate

Disregarding all the arguments about the cultural center/mosque to be known as the Cordoba House wants to build at Ground Zero, I was struck by one thing in particular: The name of the cultural center. What, I wondered, was the … Continue reading

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Friday morning briefs

There’s hope for the AP yet: This is the single most balanced piece by the AP on Israel I’ve read in years. It’s about Netanyahu withdrawing from the upcoming nuclear conference in Washington to prevent Arab nations from making the … Continue reading

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The fabled Muslim religious tolerance strikes again

A 12-year-old Muslim girl was abducted and raped by a Coptic Christian Egyptian in November. The attacker was arrested. But the rule of law wasn’t enough. First, Muslims murdered Christian shoppers. Attackers in a car raked a crowd of shoppers … Continue reading

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Muslim ERA Watch, Egypt version

Ladies of Egypt, rejoice! You can wear pants—BUT—they can’t be tight. Or see-through. Or stretch pants. Egypt’s top Islamic authority defended women’s rights to wear trousers in public following a high profile court case in neighboring Sudan were women were … Continue reading

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Dhimmitude on display

Iranian Jews are the finest example of how Jews were treated in Muslim nations during the good old days of the Caliphate. Witness: Besides their support, Mutai stressed that “ever since the revolution, the Jewish community has tried very hard … Continue reading

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