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The you read ’em, I’m busy briefs

Syrian WMDs: Apparently, not a casus belli for the world. Syria aimed chemical warheads at Israel and was ready to fire them after the attack on the nuclear plant. Good to know for the future. I’m sure the IDF will … Continue reading

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Iron Dome: The Game-changer

The Grad rocket threat against Israel has been a huge problem to the southern cities for years. They have landed in, on, and between buildings, as well as in empty areas. They’ve landed near schools, hospitals, and residences. So far, … Continue reading

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The Sunday media bias post, now with extra hypocrisy!

Hamas is still firing rockets into Israel. So of course, the world media are concentrating on how Israel is “pounding” Gaza. And the Arab League, using the newly-issued R2P (responsibility to protect) hobbyhorse, wants the UN to authorize a no-fly … Continue reading

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