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New Year’s Eve eve brief briefs

(I had fun making up that title.) It isn’t racism if it’s anti-Semitism: I must have missed this a couple of weeks ago, but once again, proof that Europe isn’t interested in protecting Jews (so why should we believe the … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

But it’s not Israel, so no one cares: The human rights group, EveryOne, has documented the kidnapping, ransom, and torture by Hamas of Eritrean refugees fleeing to Israel. This will be yet another human rights atrocity overlooked by the UNHRC, … Continue reading

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AP outsources news to Iranian propaganda arm

What’s wrong with this article? Take a moment, read through it, and come back. I’ll wait. So many things. But let’s start with the number one issue: The AP uncritically passes along the Iranian government publication’s description of the hanging … Continue reading

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Wednesday, briefly

The subtle delegitimization of Israel, one article at a time: What’s missing from this AP article on the Western Wall? Any indication that the Wall is, as they now boilerplate it, “the holiest place where Jews can pray.” Now, compare … Continue reading

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Around the news, briefly

So, how’s that Syrian outreach going for us? Not good at all. Nope. So, let’s see—the Obama administration outreach to Russia? Zilch. Syria? Zilch. Iran? Zilch. North Korea? Zilch. How’s about the Obama attitude towards Israel? Smart power not looking … Continue reading

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Wikileaks and Erdogan as Mini-Me

Our thoughts today continue to be with the people of Israel dealing with the horrific fire in the Carmel Forest. I saw this morning that PM Netanyahu and PM Erdogan of Turkey spoke this morning for the first time. Netanyahu … Continue reading

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Thursday, briefly

Behold, the awesome power of Zionists! A Turkish tool is blaming—who else?—Israel for the Wikileaks cables about his boss’ Islamism. The little Islamist is also saying that the entire reason for Wikileaks was to harm Turkey. Egocentric much? Speaking of … Continue reading

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Wikileaks and the Arab Perspective

Barry Rubin and the GLORIA Center noted that the Wikileaks documents confirm what they have been saying about the Middle East. Among other things, what the Wikileaks docs show is that what the administration has been saying about a “linkage” … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning news roundup

Who’s got Wikileaks? We’ve got Wikileaks: Here’s one on Netanyahu. Here’s John Kerry telling Qatar that the Golan has to go back to Syria. (Qatar? WTF?) Here’s one on Egypt being “stubborn and recalcitrant” (and yet, no 42-minute dressing-down by … Continue reading

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Monday briefly briefs

Don’t call him Shirley: A moment of silence for the incomparable Leslie Nielsen. Oh, we can stop the investigation now: Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan says that Hezbollah had nothing to do with Rafik Hariri’s death. Everybody go home, nothing to … Continue reading

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Sunday long weekend briefs

Yeah, that outreach is really working: Iran is now practically declaring that Lebanon is its client state: They’re not even trying to hide it anymore, so the big question is: Will Iran go to war with Israel if there is … Continue reading

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Tuesday international briefs

Holy crap! War in Korea again: First North Korea announces a brand-new nuclear plant, now it’s bombarding South Korea. Gee, you think there will be a UN resolution condemning this? Stuxnet did NOT hurt us (ow!): Iran says the Stuxnet … Continue reading

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Short week tired Monday morning briefs

The noose tightens around Hezbollah: So, as the UN actually accomplishes something, the committee investigating Rafik Hariri’s death is closer and closer to naming Hezbollah as the perpetrator. The question is, will Hezbollah take Lebanon down over the results? Secondary … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

Yeah, sure, okay: Iran says that it chased half a dozen foreign jets out of its airspace during air defense drills. Also, sixteen UFOs, forty-five Zionist infiltrators, and Santa Claus on an early test run of the new RoboRudolph. Oh, … Continue reading

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Birthday briefs

I’ve got a few candidates for the journey: Some scientists think we should send people on a one-way trip to Mars. Yeah, I can think of a few people I’d love to see on that trip. Can they make it … Continue reading

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