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Mideast Media Sampler 08/01/2013

Will Hamas suck up to Iran to save itself? In The New Republic, Ehud Yaari explains some of the reasons Hamas is in trouble. Its Muslim Brotherhood patrons in Egypt fell from power after it alienated Iran for stopping its … Continue reading

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Israel is Sorry – An Apology to Turkey

Shalom, Salaam, blessings be upon our friends the Turkish people. We in Israel are sorry for what occurred in regard to the episode of the Free Gaza Flotilla. We are sorry that lives were lost because militants on board attacked … Continue reading

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Thursday Passover news roundup

Seriously? On April 20th? Seriously? The irony is so thick on this one, you’d swear I’m making it up. Bill White, American neo-Nazi shithead, had his conviction overturned and was released yesterday—on the anniversary of the birthday of the world’s … Continue reading

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Wednesday not-yet-sick-of-matza briefs

Because it didn’t work, that’s why: Mahmoud Abbas says he won’t go for another armed intifada. Not because it would be wrong. But because it failed spectacularly, causing Israel to re-occupy the areas of the West Bank that were under … Continue reading

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Monday, briefly

And the word “Muslim” does not appear in this news story: French immigrants of “North African” descent attacked and badly beat a Jew for being a Jew. I think they meant to attack him for being a Zionist, and the … Continue reading

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Iron Dome: The Game-changer

The Grad rocket threat against Israel has been a huge problem to the southern cities for years. They have landed in, on, and between buildings, as well as in empty areas. They’ve landed near schools, hospitals, and residences. So far, … Continue reading

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The Sunday media bias post, now with extra hypocrisy!

Hamas is still firing rockets into Israel. So of course, the world media are concentrating on how Israel is “pounding” Gaza. And the Arab League, using the newly-issued R2P (responsibility to protect) hobbyhorse, wants the UN to authorize a no-fly … Continue reading

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Hamas doubling down on civilian rocket attacks

Iron Dome did its job again, but Hamas and its fellow terrorists are shelling Israel on a constant basis. But the war crimes of the terrorists continue: Meanwhile, the IDF continues to hunt down rocket -aunching cells, which military officials … Continue reading

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When a war crime is not a war crime

The charge of “war crime” is thrown endlessly at Israel, to the point that the Goldstone Report was commissioned and issued by the United Nations Human Rights Committee. It dealt with supposed war crimes by Israel, yet did not once … Continue reading

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Casus belli: Deliberately targeting school buses

Two years ago, I wrote about Hamas terrorists deliberately targeting Israeli schoolchildren, and the lack of response from the world. Today, history repeats itself. Hamas terrorists deliberately targeted a schoolbus yesterday, using a laser-guided anti-tank missile to make sure of … Continue reading

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A Laser Guided War Crime

There are no few arguing this morning about whether or not Hamas should have known that the yellow bus that it fired upon yesterday was a school bus. Yellow is the color of school buses in the United States and … Continue reading

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My Reaction to Goldstone and Rosenberg

I have been more than a bit infuriated by the left’s reaction to Richard Goldstone’s statement that Israel did not intentionally target civilians during Operation Cast Lead. In fact, I wrote two articles about it for We Are For Israel. … Continue reading

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Beating a dead horse: The anti-Israel meme continues

In today’s updates on Israel’s attacks on Hamas terrorists, who fired 45 missiles into Israel yesterday, we learn that Israel is now attacking Hamas during a truce. This is the AFP, which is a wire service used throughout Europe: Israel … Continue reading

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Hamas wants war with Israel; media wants to whitewash Hamas

Yesterday, Hamas declared their pretend unilateral cease-fire, after lobbing 45 missiles—including a Grad rocket shot down by the Iron Dome defense system before it could hit Ashdod—into southern Israel. The reason for the cease-fire? Well, this time, Netanyahu unleashed the … Continue reading

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Bias? What anti-Israel bias?

Get a load of this headline from AFP:      Israel pounds Gaza, kills 3 after missile hits bus And here’s the lede: Gaza militants on Thursday fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli school bus, critically injuring a teenager, prompting the … Continue reading

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