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Who’s Going Under The Bus?

President Obama is going to lay out his new Middle East policy this week including a new attempt to force a start to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. We can discuss later a fact which we have discussed many times before, namely the … Continue reading

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Naive Foreign Policy

So the US proposed to back a resolution basically reaffirming what it should not have affirmed in 1979 about the legitimacy of settlements, though a weaker version. The current reported proposal would only condemn “continued” settlement building, something that hardly … Continue reading

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Not to bring you down a notch but…

Friends, I know that many out there are thrilled that the Republicans control Congress. You were shouting for joy at times last night and have a big grin on your face and a spring in your step this morning. I … Continue reading

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Wise Words Forgotten

Rabbi Stephen S. Wise in a sermon “Can we win the war without losing America” delivered May 20, 1917 at Carnegie Hall wrote: We have gone into the war not because of the Lusitania nor yet because of the Sussex, … Continue reading

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Solipsistic foreign policy

Twenty six years ago, Charles Krauthammer wrote an essay for Time Magazine Deep down were all alike, right? Wrong. In it he explained a psychological concept: Solipsism is the belief that the whole world is me, and as Mathematician Martin … Continue reading

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Slapping the outstretched hand

Two recent observations from Barry Rubin stick out. In regard to Prince Turki’s recent up-ed in the NY Times, Rubin writes: Note also–something else nobody is going to notice–that the op-ed insults the United States as it directly contradicts Obama’s … Continue reading

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The more foreign policy changes …

With all the talk about the need for change, there’s an awful lot in foreign policy that stays the same. Some, including James Baker have been urging, President-elect Obama not to wait until the last minute to be engaged in … Continue reading

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Staying in the center while everyone else moves left

Sen. Lieberman on what’s wrong with the Democratic Party: By contrast, in 2000, Gov. George W. Bush promised a “humble foreign policy” and criticized our peacekeeping operations in the Balkans.Today, less than a decade later, the parties have completely switched … Continue reading

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