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Mideast Media Sampler – 07/17/2013

1) The Union Strikes Back The European Union (EU) has just released new regulations governing certain dealings with Israel. Starting in 2014, the EU (as a unit, individual states are not governed by these guidelines) will prohibit any dealings with … Continue reading

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When a war crime is not a war crime

The charge of “war crime” is thrown endlessly at Israel, to the point that the Goldstone Report was commissioned and issued by the United Nations Human Rights Committee. It dealt with supposed war crimes by Israel, yet did not once … Continue reading

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Oh, NOW Europe doesn’t care who is a Jew

For century after century, in country after country, Europe was obsessed with dispossessing the Jews among its citizens. European nations created the Pale of the Settlement, the ghetto, the Nuremberg Laws. European nations committed pogroms, forced conversion of Jews, and … Continue reading

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Comparing condemnations

Terror attacks are apparently not an obstacle to peace. The Obama administration didn’t The State Department does not feel the need to issue a scathing condemnation of the attackers who murdered four Israeli civilians, including a pregnant woman. It’s far … Continue reading

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The EU is sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong. (Not that that’s anything new.) Howard Schneider of the Washington Post reports in Israel decries proposed E.U. stance on East Jerusalem: Israel on Tuesday criticized a proposed statement by the … Continue reading

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Israeli sues the EU for damages from Hamas rockets

It’s just perfect. Israeli and Belgian lawyers acting for Eyal Katorza, who is also a French citizen, are preparing a legal case demanding that the EU does more to protect the 300,000 Europeans living in Israel. Legal documents, seen by … Continue reading

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