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Spinning Jew hatred

YouGov took a poll of British attitudes towards Jews, which found that 45% of Brits hold anti-Semitic attitudes towards Jews. They also surveyed British Jews about how safe they feel in Britain. The following are the resulting headlines of those … Continue reading

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Britain and Israel, the hate-hate relationship

There was a symbolic vote by the U.K. Parliament to recognize the fictional state of Palestine. Fewer than half the MPs were present, and most of Israel’s supporters were missing. It was also a completely contradictory vote: I want a … Continue reading

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“Any support of Israel is hate speech”

The title quote of this post is from this video, at about 19:30. The rest of it is long, boring, and typical sophomoric “analysis” by college students of what is wrong with Zionists and Zionism, filled with words like “oppression” … Continue reading

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Thursday Passover news roundup

Seriously? On April 20th? Seriously? The irony is so thick on this one, you’d swear I’m making it up. Bill White, American neo-Nazi shithead, had his conviction overturned and was released yesterday—on the anniversary of the birthday of the world’s … Continue reading

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Tuesday working briefs

Ew, Jew Cooties! Tel Aviv is sending a contingent to the Berlin Gay Pride festival, but they’re not going to identify Tel Aviv as part of Israel. They’re not the only Israeli city to do so. Eilat is being branded … Continue reading

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Banning kosher practices: Be honest, it’s all about the Jews

Sure, it’s not at all about Jews. The Dutch are going to outlaw kosher slaughter. New Zealand has already done so on the pretext of animal welfare. The AP article incorrectly states that NZ banned halal slaughter. Halal slaughter is … Continue reading

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A righteous woman

Something you don’t see every day: The story of a German woman who erases Nazi graffiti. “I scratched off the first sticker in 1986, at a bus stop in front of my house,” Mensah-Schramm said as she ambled through the … Continue reading

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The Helen Thomas Playboy interview

If there were ever any doubt in your mind that Helen Thomas is a Jew-hater, all you have to do is read the Playboy interview and the doubts will disappear. Since the latest SNN is not yet out, I think … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

What do you mean, you don’t trust the Palestinians? Netanyahu says the IDF needs to stay in the Jordan Valley. Of course this will get spun as if the Israelis are enacting yet another “land grab” (the AP’s favorite phrase … Continue reading

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The power of the Jew-haters

The Pope has put into writing that Catholics can no longer blame all the Jews for the death of Jesus. He says that people have been misinterpreting the phrase “the Jews” to mean all Jews, then and forever, when it … Continue reading

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Wednesday, briefly

America hearts Israel: Support for Israel is near an all-time high. Let’s hear again how Jews control Congress, and that’s why the U.S. supports Israel, because it’s not like, oh, 63% of Americans sympathize more with the Israelis than the … Continue reading

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Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh Connected with Anti-Judaism

A couple of weeks ago, a wacko named Jared Loughner, who has absolutely nothing to do with Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh committed an unspeakable crime in Tucson. Never mind that he killed four other people and shot … Continue reading

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Your Tuesday briefs

“Spontaneous” pro-Hizbollah demos popping up in Lebanon: Love the report of “hand-held radios” being spotted. Read: Walkie-talkies with which to receive their instructions. Associated Press reporters saw at least four gatherings of up to 30 people each, dressed in black … Continue reading

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Yes, I am a Jew, Part 2

This post was originally posted on March 10, 2002. (It’s the post that started my schism with my left-leaning blog circle of that time.) About a week and a half ago, I found a brief mention of my first essay … Continue reading

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Yes, I am a Jew

This post was first published on February 27, 2002 For the past couple of months, I’ve noticed that Qatar turns up regularly in my web stat demographics. It may be a spider; it may be a spammer using someone else’s … Continue reading

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