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So…What if?

Let us for a moment ask, “What if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to control Egypt?” Let us in addition argue that this would not be in the form of an Iran-esque theocracy, but a Turkish style Islamist democracy. I wrote … Continue reading

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We Don’t Live in a Pure Democracy

Protesters in Egypt are hoping for democracy. They wonder how Americans could not support democracy taking root in Egypt. While there are a number of reasons why the United States would prefer just about any option other than a Muslim … Continue reading

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The Real Problem is Turkey

It is becoming clearer and clearer that Turkey is not simply critical of Israel, but is in fact hostile to Israel. Think about this for a moment. In the past couple of weeks alone, Turkey has worked with Iran to … Continue reading

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European anti-Americanism

The Telegraph commissioned a poll, and gee, Europeans don’t like America (via Glenn). I know, readers. You’re all shocked to hear this news. But Europeans don’t get us, haven’t gotten us in well over 200 years, and don’t seem about … Continue reading

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