Friday briefs

He’s done it before: Martin Indyk is trashing Netanyahu and manufacturing an anti-Israel crisis so that Israel will take the blame for the failed negotiations. Remember, more than 80% of American Jews voted for the administration that is doing this. Good job, American Jews. Vote for Shrillary next and see where that gets you.

More reasons to hate the IRS: Now you can be responsible for your dead parents’ debts. Looks like Congress screwed over the taxpayer again when it voted to remove the ten-year statute of limitations on money owed to the federal government. Because debt to Uncle Sam is forever.

A state without a state: The fictional statelet of East Palestine has joined more UN bodies and agreements, including the Geneva Convention. So I guess that means Israel can take them to the ICC over the next terrorist attack? (Shyeah, like they’ll care.) They really don’t get that it’s a two-edged sword, do they?

Is it Bizarro World Day? Really? The head of the Arab League thinks that negotiations are going to resume? Really?

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Frozen parodies, part one

I like this one the best so far.

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Wednesday briefs

Sure, right after you free Tibet: China says Israel should make “brave decisions” about peace talks with the Palestinians. See title.

Of course he does: John Kerry blamed Israel for the failure of the peace talks. But we saw that coming years ago. Israel is calling his words disappointing. That’s diplo-speak. What they really mean is, “WTF JK, y u no blame PA?” (Hint: Because blaming the real obstacle to peace is not the narrative.) On the good news side of things, the U.S. is pulling back from trying to force peace, so there shouldn’t be much more of this garbage.

Well, yeah: Not surprisingly, Peter Criss denies Paul Stanley’s charge of anti-Semitism.

Same-old, same-old: So Obama gets the world to ease off on Iranian sanctions in order to move nuclear negotiations forward. What does Iran’s leader say? Fuck you, world, we’re not giving any concessions, but we’ll pretend to negotiate. Smart power!

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KISS and anti-Semitism

Well, this is shocking. Two of the four members of the original KISS were anti-Semites, according to Paul Stanley, who, along with Gene Simmons, is Jewish.

Stanley’s book sheds greater light on why he wouldn’t want a full-on reunion, recalling countless past times that Frehley and Criss, who have both had substance-abuse issues, were belligerent and even unable to play.

Stanley also accuses Frehley of stashing drugs “in the bags or pockets of crew members — without their knowledge — so he wasn’t on the hook if they were found.”

Even more shocking are his accusations of anti-Semitism against the pair. Noting that Frehley owned a collection of Nazi memorabilia, and that some of his earliest experiences with Criss involved the drummer racially mocking waiters at Chinese restaurants, Stanley writes that Frehley and Criss resented him and Simmons for controlling the band’s creative output — which Stanley says occurred because Frehley and Criss’ songwriting contributions “just didn’t amount to much.”

“Ace and particularly Peter felt powerless and impotent when faced with the tireless focus, drive and ambition of me and Gene,” Stanley writes. “As a result, the two of them tried to sabotage the band — which, as they saw it, was unfairly manipulated by [us] money-grubbing Jews.”

Stanley reiterated to The Post that yes, he does believe that Frehley and Criss are anti-Semitic.

I believe him, and I can understand why the band broke up. But I can’t believe this moron writing on NJ101.5, my favorite NJ talk radio station.

Frehley, Criss and the Hall of Fame wanted a reunion of the original lineup in full makeup, but Simmons and Stanley refused. KISS now has two other long-standing members in drummer Eric Singer and guitarist Tommy Thayer.

As of now, all four original members will attend the ceremony, but there will be no performance of the band’s music. You would think that after all the time it took to get inducted, and for the sake of their brand and all the legions of fans who support them, Kiss could put aside their differences for one night and play together.

Sure, because standing on the same stage with people who hate you for what you are–one of whom collects memorabilia from the movement responsible for the largest mass-murder of Jews in history–is totally unimportant compared to what music fans want.

I’ll be interested in hearing Gene Simmons’ opinion on the accusations of anti-Semitism. But those are not things that a Jew can miss. I stopped going to a very good friend’s in-laws’ house on Christmas Eve (when I used to drop off presents for my “niece” and “nephew”) because her father-in-law didn’t like Jews. I overlooked it as long as I could, but one year, he made a joke about Jews and ovens that shocked and silence everyone there. They called him out on it. But I told my friend that was it for me setting foot in that house ever again.

Yeah, I understand why Stanley doesn’t want to stand next to them. Particularly Frehley.

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He put on some great shows

Mickey Rooney passed away at the age of 93.

Everyone knows Rooney, who died at the great age of 93, precisely because he lived so long, the tireless last surviving star of Hollywood’s 1930s Golden Age, a performer always ready to make an appearance when there was a crowd waiting to applaud.

But Rooney was more than just any star. In the final innocent prewar years of 1939, 1940 and 1941, he was the country’s biggest box-office attraction, period, end of story. And the actor reached that pinnacle not by being a dashing action hero lead or a glamorous romantic lead, but by playing a teenage boy, a character one contemporary critic called “the perfect composite of everybody’s kid brother.” Nothing says more than that about how America’s popular culture movie tastes have changed in the interim.

Rooney wasn’t just any teenager either, he was brash, exuberant, unstoppable, the kind of kid Americans once upon a time liked to feel was representative of this country at its good-hearted, irrepressible best.

Even British rocker Ray Davies and the Kinks, who in 1972 recorded “Celluloid Heroes,” their classic tribute to the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, paid tribute to that quality by claiming, “if you stamped on Mickey Rooney, he would still turn round and smile.” Just so.

I loved him in any movie or TV show I saw him. But I think one of my favorite non-musical roles would have to be It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

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Monday briefs

They don’t even try to hide it: Why should they? The world never penalizes nations and terrorist groups that target Jews. But good old Chipmunk Cheeks Nasrallah, from his secure, undisclosed location (where he lives in constant fear of assassination by the IDF), bragged that the attack on Israeli troops on the Israel-Syria border was done by Hezbollah. He says it was to teach Israel a lesson. And oh, Israel learned it all right. They now pound any position that fires on Israelis.

That tired, old “cycle of violence”: Israel attacked terror sites in Gaza in response to rocket fire–again. And CNN is “picking up” the habit of using “scare quotes” from the Brits, I think.

Israeli warplanes struck five targets in Gaza on Saturday evening in “retaliation” for what a military spokesman called “terrorist aggression.”

Four of the “targeted … terror sites” were in northern Gaza while one was in southern Gaza, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a military spokesman, said the strikes were “precision” and “intelligence-based.”

Way to go, “news” reporting site.

This is why there will not be peace: Saab Erekat, who lies just about every time he opens his mouth, says that Hamas is not, and has not ever been, a terror group.

“I hereby declare, in the make of President Mahmoud Abbas and the directorate of Fatah, that Hamas is a Palestinian movement, and is not and never was a terror group,” Erekat added.

This is actually not a lie–for him. The Palestinians believe that what we call terror is their “resistance”–even to the murdering of children.

Which is why there will not be peace.

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Late Caturday post

It’s been one of those times. So here’s a cat picture or three.

A selfie with Tig, while he jumped onto my lap for a hug. Yep, he’s heavy.

Tig and Meryl

Tig and Meimei. I was trying to get him to play with her by luring her next to him with her feather toy (a.k.a. “the birdie”). It’s fascinating how she plays with different toys differently. She grabs the feather end and shakes it, like she would a bird, then she chews on it. With the rabbit-fur strip on a stick, she grabs it and tries to eviscerate it.

Tig and Meimie

Last night, a little playtime before bed. I woke up to only one cat toy in my bed this morning. She’s been bringing them to me and dropping them in my bed, probably mewing at me to wake up. I haven’t been waking up.

Meimei and feather toy

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Thursday briefs

But hey, let’s concentrate on Israel: There are now one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon that have registered with the UN. The irony of the Lebanese Hezbollah being part of the reason they have fled Syria doesn’t appear to have been noted by anyone. But it’s okay, because it’s not Israelis killing Syrians. It’s Syrians and Lebanese. So the world can ignore it, and the human rights groups can issue reports but not care nearly as much as they do about Israel and the Palestinians. Becuase Israel.

Punching back, finally: Looks like pro-Israel groups are finally starting to wake up to the power they have to drive the anti-Israel Jewish groups out of Jewish community events. Screw inclusion. If they’re anti-Israel, they’re anti-Jewish–even if they’re Jewish. Let them fight from their own parades–which of course, nobody will come to. Which is the point.

BDS Pushback: Looks like people are learning two things: That voting for BDS violates their own anti-discrimination laws, and that minorities are using loopholes to push organizations into voting for BDS when the majority is uninterested in boycotting Israel. This keeps happening: King’s College in London overturned the vote for boycotting Israel. More and more organizations are refusing to join the BDS movement as they begin to realize the downside. The downside includes legal action that cuts their funding if they boycott Israel. It is illegal for a U.S. business to boycott Israel.

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Kerry’s pressure tactics?

Boy, did I call that wrong. John Kerry is colluding with the Palestinians to put pressure on Israel, not learning that the Palestinians don’t want peace. I forgot that you can’t teach a man something he refuses to hear.

But in a surprise move on Tuesday, Abbas very publicly signed letters of accession to 15 international conventions, saying this was a response to Israel’s failure to release the last group of prisoners at the end of March.

Israel has not responded. Kerry canceled plans to return to the region on Wednesday, but also said it’s “completely premature” to write off the talks, while American officials hinted that the move was viewed as pressure tactic directed at Israel rather than the US.

There were some indications from Palestinian officials that Abbas’ unexpected step largely was intended as a pressure tactic. Keeping on good terms with the US and negotiating the terms of a Palestinian state with Israel remain pillars of Abbas’ political strategy.

I would not be at all surprised to learn that Kerry signed off on this action by Abbas, or at least, agrees with it because it puts added pressure on Israel.

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John Kerry’s teachable year

John Kerry has gotten his very own teachable moment. Of course, that moment has been an utter waste of, well, all the time he’s been Secretary of State. The U.S. is stepping back from trying to get the Palestinians to talk peace, because John Kerry has discovered that it’s impossible to have peace when at least one of the partners isn’t interested in actually achieving it. Of course, he blames Israel as much as the Palestinians. But let us review. Israel freed over a hundred convicted terrorists, including murderers. Israel froze settlement building for nine months. Israel has continuously come to the talks with the idea of compromising. In the meantime, Abbas has refused every single chance at compromise, insisted that Israel must retreat to the 1949 Armistice lines, release all Palestinians in Israeli jails, and allow Palestinian refugees to overwhelm Israel in any agreement. Oh, and since Israel refused to release the last group of murderers without a Palestinian promise to continue talking past the end of April, Abbas signed papers to get the PA into 15 UN organizations in yet another move to make an end run around talks to establish a Palestinian state.

John Kerry, and I presume Barack Obama, have finally learned what every president since Jimmy Carter has learned: The Palestinian leadership does not want peace. It wants all of Israel. And Kerry offered the worst deal ever: Jonathan Pollard goes free if Israel releases more terrorist murderers. How unprecedented is that, to offer to release an American prisoner in exchange for Palestinian prisoners? It just begs to encourage the Taliban to demand prisoners from the U.S. in exchange for our captive soldier.

Well, the peace talks are dead. I knew they wouldn’t succeed. You can’t have peace when only one side wants it.

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