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Stephen Harper, friend of Israel

Oh, Canada. We do love many of you. We definitely love Stephen Harper, who gave a superb, pro-Israel speech to the Knesset today. A couple of Arab MKs hated it so much they heckled Harper and then walked out (to … Continue reading

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Iran to U.S.: You were played, suckers

The Iranians are laughing at Obama and bragging about how they beat the west. And remember, the man speaking these words is the so-called “moderate” that the media, the Obama administration, and the EU insisted would bring Iran to the … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Farewell, Arik: The AP surprises with an almost balanced story on Ariel Sharon’s funeral. Because REPUBLICAN! The media has found a scandal about misuse of government influence it can sink its teeth into. The IRS targeting conservative groups in a … Continue reading

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Monday morning briefs

O Christmas Tree: All over the Middle East this time of year, Christians are persecuted by the majority Muslim populations. So what do the Jews of Israel do? Give Christmas trees to churches in Israel and the terrortories [sic], and … Continue reading

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Europe’s bigotry on the rise

The pebble is rolling down the hill, and it’s not affecting only Jews. The global rise in anti-Semitism is being accompanied by a global rise in fascism–just like last time. Hungary’s Jobbik party is anti-Jew and anti-immigrant–and it’s gaining adherents. … Continue reading

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Yes, Iran won

The Obama administration, so desperate to make a deal, any deal with Iran, has managed to make a deal that the Iranians want. They don’t have to get rid of their centrifuges. They’re not shutting down and nuclear plants. So … Continue reading

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Tuesday, briefly

This Pope is Teh Awesome: He fires bishops for wrongdoing. He foregoes many of the trappings of the Popehood. He embraced a severely disfigured man and prayed with him. And now he says that Jews are the big brothers of … Continue reading

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The EU’s Israel bias

The breathtaking hypocrisy of the EU is on display over their rules about not giving money to organizations in the West Bank or east Jerusalem. Eugene Kontorovich is one of the team of lawyers who point out the way the … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Yeah, eff you all for this: Russia refuses to give Chabad the library that used to belong to Rabbi Schneerson. America is actually sending Jewish artifacts back to Iraq–where there are no more Jews–instead of to Israel, where most of … Continue reading

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Friday briefs

A perfect example of Israel Derangement Syndrome: How much do people hate Israel? So much so that a simple tagged bird was carefully examined to make sure it wasn’t an Israeli spy. Yes, really. Paranoid, much? But it’s just a … Continue reading

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