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When “Kill the Jews” is not anti-Semitic

British Jews are terrified. They are so terrified that they are unwilling to call an anti-Semitic attack by a group of drunks anti-Semitic. The story is this: A group of Jewish teenagers today told how they barricaded themselves inside as … Continue reading

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Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss

Remember Catherine Ashton, head of foreign policy for the EU? A quick roundup of her greatest hits: Demanding that Israel open all Gaza crossings and leave them that way, no matter that Hamas is importing weapons Demanding that Israel pay … Continue reading

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BDS fail

The anti-Israel fanatics are overreaching, and the results are great. SJP and Student Voice for Peace decided they would try to force student government candidates at UCLA into hate-Israel pledges–by swearing that they would never visit Israel on trips sponsored … Continue reading

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Monday, briefly

Everything new is old again: Here’s another fine analysis of what’s happening in Russia. Keep Simply Jews on your daily reading list and you won’t miss translations like this. No, I don’t need a million articles about it: Yes, tragically, … Continue reading

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The Russian bear awakens

Snoopy the Goon has long been on my reading list. He is a former Soviet Jew and knows Russia better than anyone I can think of. This post is a translation of an article by a Belarusian writer. “There is … Continue reading

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Israel and the U.S.: No longer exclusive

Zev Chafets has an analysis about American-Israeli relations that is going to send the Jew-haters’s spittle-flecked rants off the charts on the Israel-hate scale. Just look at the headline: American-Israeli relations: US still Israel’s best friend but no longer country’s … Continue reading

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More chutzpah by the EU

The EU is whining that Israel should pay them back for destroying structurers that were built partly with their money. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard organizations saying that Israel should reimburse them for structures destroyed either for being … Continue reading

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The UN climate change report says nothing new

The UN released another report on climate change. And as far as I’m concerned, the fact that it is a UN report discredits it immediately. We are all too familiar on this blog with the biased reports–written by people with … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

The 21st century No: The Arab League refuses to admit that Israel is a Jewish state, Israel was a Jewish state, and Israel will always be a Jewish state. Because admitting that Israel is a Jewish state means the end … Continue reading

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My thoughts on international women’s day

If I were in elementary school, I’d probably have to write an essay about what I think of womon on international women’s day. In that spirit, I think I shall write an essay. (Tip: I think it’s going to change … Continue reading

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Sunday pre-snowstorm briefs

WTF is wrong with him? The Mossad has been extremely successful in killing Iranian nuclear scientists, so of course, Barack Obama wants them to stop. Why? The author doesn’t say. Do you think that the Iranians demanded that secretly as … Continue reading

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Boom boom bye bye: The IAF apparently hit a missile base on the Lebanese-Syria border, which means the missiles were heading for Lebanon to be used against Israel. The Arab press is reporting lots of dead terrorists. Here’s hoping. The … Continue reading

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Elections matter: America the weak

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who we warned you about, wants to shrink the military to pre-WWII size. What does this mean? The proposal, described by several Pentagon officials on the condition of anonymity in advance of its release on Monday, … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Israeli bombs in Syria: At least one country understands that Iran is trying to arm itself in Syria. The IDF reportedly bombed some S300 missile launchers inside Syria. No doubt the Obama Administration will leak the exact details soon enough. … Continue reading

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Stephen Harper, friend of Israel

Oh, Canada. We do love many of you. We definitely love Stephen Harper, who gave a superb, pro-Israel speech to the Knesset today. A couple of Arab MKs hated it so much they heckled Harper and then walked out (to … Continue reading

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