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The Obama takedowns

There are just so many rebuttals to Obama, I can’t decide which ones I like best. Let’s start with Commentary. John Podheretz, Jonathan Tobin, and the lie he told about “aggressive” settlement construction. Elliott Abrams knocks it out of the … Continue reading

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Obama doubles down pressure on Israel

Rashid Khalidi must be happier than a pig in shit today. I’m sure you’ve read the excerpts from Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Obama. Read the whole thing instead. It includes Obama misusing Hillel’s most widely-quoted words and passing along two … Continue reading

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Sunday pre-snowstorm briefs

WTF is wrong with him? The Mossad has been extremely successful in killing Iranian nuclear scientists, so of course, Barack Obama wants them to stop. Why? The author doesn’t say. Do you think that the Iranians demanded that secretly as … Continue reading

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Elections matter: America the weak

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who we warned you about, wants to shrink the military to pre-WWII size. What does this mean? The proposal, described by several Pentagon officials on the condition of anonymity in advance of its release on Monday, … Continue reading

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The Israeli Double Standard

How many times have Obama “administration officials” lectured, scolded, and otherwise harassed Israel every time an official spoke the truth (like saying John Kerry was “obsessed” with the peace talks and they were going terribly)? Well, here’s what Kerry said … Continue reading

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Sunday un-Super briefs

What a boring game. I tuned in a bit. My cousins the Seahawk fans are happy, but what a yawner. Just like John Kerry’s peace plan. Except now he’s threatening Israel, then saying he’s not, then threatening Israel for saying … Continue reading

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Inside the Obama/Kerry peace plan

Well, this is going to freak out the Palestinians. Martin Indyk spilled some of the beans on the Kerry peace plan framework, and it includes mentioning Jewish refugees from Arab lands as well as Palestinian refugees from Israel. Talks are … Continue reading

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Wednesday, briefly

Obama’s not gonna like this: Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel isn’t bound by the American ideas for a peace plan. Of course that’s true–there is no signed agreement–but watch for the administration to do something vicious as a result of … Continue reading

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The dual loyalty canard strikes again

The Obama administration is accusing U.S. Jews of being puppets of the Israeli government. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, that’s right. Only in every dual loyalty charge, ever. A US official close to President Barack Obama and … Continue reading

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Iran to U.S.: You were played, suckers

The Iranians are laughing at Obama and bragging about how they beat the west. And remember, the man speaking these words is the so-called “moderate” that the media, the Obama administration, and the EU insisted would bring Iran to the … Continue reading

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