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Really bad metaphor, Dave

Via Commentary, we get this account of why Media Matters hates conservative media outlets: Media Matters had always packaged itself differently than the right’s Media Research Center and Accuracy in Media. It said it was looking for misinformation, not bias. … Continue reading

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Hulk smash election!

This post was originally published on September 7, 2004. As my regular readers know, the Hulk makes appearances on this blog from time to time. During my time off, I had the opportunity to discuss the election with him. Our … Continue reading

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Tig3 vs. the Hulk

It’s inevitable. Every cat that I have ultimately has to have a smackdown with the Hulk. And here is what happened between Tig and the Hulk last week: It started with a look. I knew there would be trouble. It’s … Continue reading

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You put your left fist in…

Sarah sent me a link to the Hokey Pokey Hulk toy. It’s so bad it’s good. Meryl want.

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The Stan Lee [Hulk] Solution

This post was first published May 2, 2002. Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that from time to time, I’ve been taking the Hulk perspective on various problems, specifically the Middle East. Well, when you take a hard … Continue reading

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Hulk say Hulk movie smash!

The Hulk is guest-blogging here again: Hulk go to new Hulk movie. Hulk was hoping it better than stupid movie girl took Hulk to last time. Stupid movie had giant dogs. Hulk in movie smash giant dogs, but that just … Continue reading

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The Hulktator

Omri writes about the next step towards gamma ray lasers. You know what this means, don’t you? We’re that much closer to the creation of the Hulk. I’m happy to volunteer myself for the Hulk experiments. I’ve always wanted to … Continue reading

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The perils of working from home

This week a series of annoyances managed to all roll out one after another, forcing me to bring out my inner Hulk—albeit, the kinder, gentler Hulk. About two weeks ago, I got new neighbors: A young couple with two young … Continue reading

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New casting for the next Hulk movie

There’s a new Bruce Banner in town, and now there’s a new Betty Ross. The new Banner is Ed Norton, whose name I can never hear without thinking of The Honeymooners. Sorry. I just can’t. And the new Betty is … Continue reading

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Comic geek heaven

Eric J. sent me a YouTube video that you must not watch with a drink in your hand. Or food, either. It’s from Secret Wars re-enactors. It is absolutely hilarious, and the ending is doubly so. Click on the … Continue reading

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A few more places to go

More links Continue reading

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Carnival of the Cats #79

The Hulk narrates The Carnival of the Cats Continue reading

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