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Monday briefs

Farewell, Arik: The AP surprises with an almost balanced story on Ariel Sharon’s funeral. Because REPUBLICAN! The media has found a scandal about misuse of government influence it can sink its teeth into. The IRS targeting conservative groups in a … Continue reading

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Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon, a giant of modern Israel died this morning, after lying in a coma for eight years. Ynet has a pictorial article. Look at the photo of him carrying a sheep on his farm, and you’ll see where he … Continue reading

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Sunday briefs

But it will be okay, because a Swedish journalist is optimistic about European anti-Semitism: Nearly a quarter of European Jews now hide their identity while in public. The figure rises to 40% in France. In Sweden, the numbers rise to … Continue reading

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Thursay briefs

So when does Israel get to declare Turkey an enemy? Turkey betrayed an Israeli spy ring to Iranian authorities last year, severely damaging Israel’s intelligence gathering in Iran, not to mention damaging Israel’s and the U.S. effort to stop the … Continue reading

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The missing news from the AP

What’s missing from this AP article? Here’s the lead: The Israeli military has discovered an underground tunnel dug out from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip into Israel, the army said Sunday, adding it believes militants had intended to use the tunnel … Continue reading

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The What day is it today? Oh, yeah briefs

Well, I survived oral surgery, and best of all, so did my tooth, but my brain is mushy from yesterday’s painkillers. Also, my typing sucks. But you won’t notice that. And yet, they’ll still make this a gun control issue: … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

Time supports fantasy writing now: Karl Vick (rhymes with dick), the viciously anti-Israel Mideast reporter at Time, thinks that the Mad Mullahs of Tehran could be convinced to get Assad to give up his chemical weapons. Why? Because they suffered … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

Punching back twice as hard: Jihadis fired rockets from Lebanon into Israel today. So the IDF fired back into Lebanon tonight. Watch for the condemnation of Israel tomorrow. The peasants are revolting: An anti-Hamas group is modeling itself after the … Continue reading

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The I’m finally done with all that other stuff briefs

It has been a hellish week for me. TGIF rarely means so much to me as it does today. Taming the terrorists: Egypt and Israel are working together to rid the Sinai of its current terrorist infestation. Israel shut down … Continue reading

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Friday briefs

A perfect example of Israel Derangement Syndrome: How much do people hate Israel? So much so that a simple tagged bird was carefully examined to make sure it wasn’t an Israeli spy. Yes, really. Paranoid, much? But it’s just a … Continue reading

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