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This is why I like the new Pope

He invited a dozen Argentinian rabbis, and made sure they had a nice selection of kosher food. The kashered a Vatican kitchen specifically for the rabbis. For just one day, the kitchen of the Vatican hotel where Pope Francis lives … Continue reading

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Tiger Moron

“Tiger Mom” Amy Chua is successfully trolling for book sales again. Her new thesis is that some “cultures” are just better than others. Because anecdotes. These groups — “cultural,” mind you, never “ethnic” or “racial” or “religious” — all possess, … Continue reading

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Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah

So happy Hanukkah to my Jewish readers, friends, and family. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It’s also the second night of Hanukkah. And that’s about all the relation is to the two holidays. SO tired of that word that puts the two … Continue reading

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It’s not feminism that’s killing the Jewish Conservative movement

Avi Woolf went on an anti-feminist rant that has nothing to do with Conservative Judaism, but hey–he gets in a lot of cracks about feminists and pretends he knows something about Conservative Judaism while he’s at it. And yet, I … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

Spying and lying: Israel caught an Iranian spy. It’s a huge thing, but look at the way NBC downplays Israel’s authenticity by using the weasel words “alleges” and “was said to be”. This, on an article that shows the pictures … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Yeah, eff you all for this: Russia refuses to give Chabad the library that used to belong to Rabbi Schneerson. America is actually sending Jewish artifacts back to Iraq–where there are no more Jews–instead of to Israel, where most of … Continue reading

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One last post before the fast

It’s completely irreverent, and perfectly timed for Yom Kippur. From the Algemeiner, which wouldn’t let me get the embed code.

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G’mar chatima tova

I have nothing extra for you all today. May you have a meaningful holiday and an easy fast, and may you be inscribed in the Book for a good year.

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L’shana tovah

A sweet, happy, and healthy new year to all of my Jewish friends, family, and readers. And, still stealing from Lair Simon: Don’t forget to start writing 5774 on your checks.

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Wednesday briefs

Time supports fantasy writing now: Karl Vick (rhymes with dick), the viciously anti-Israel Mideast reporter at Time, thinks that the Mad Mullahs of Tehran could be convinced to get Assad to give up his chemical weapons. Why? Because they suffered … Continue reading

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When an anti-Semite turns out to be a Jew

This is a wonderful story. I read about it a while back and probably linked it, but here’s a video to get you thinking at the start of the High Holy Days. It’s a story of discovery and repentance.

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Muslim Brotherhood follows the Palestinian playbook

Wondering why the Egyptian army went to break up the barricades? This won’t get as much coverage in the Western media, but Ron Ben-Yishai has an analysis of the fighting that you won’t read in the Times. It seems the … Continue reading

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The I’m finally done with all that other stuff briefs

It has been a hellish week for me. TGIF rarely means so much to me as it does today. Taming the terrorists: Egypt and Israel are working together to rid the Sinai of its current terrorist infestation. Israel shut down … Continue reading

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The misleading AP headline of the month

Ah, AP bias: Check out the headline on this beauty. Israel angered by Polish ban on Jewish slaughter Holy crap! The Jews are slaughtering people? Who? What? Where? How? And the Poles are stopping them? Good for the Poles. Israel … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

Spillover: Missiles fall in Israel once again as Syrians battle in the Golan Heights. No injuries–yet. What anti-Israel media bias? There are no headlines about Mahmoud Abbas’ absolute refusal to sit down for peace talks without preconditions. But the AP … Continue reading

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