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Not so smashing

I love Broadway plays. I love musical theater and the movie musical, and always have. So I was thrilled when I saw promos for Smash, the new NBC series about putting on a Broadway show. I watched the pilot, and … Continue reading

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The best Superbowl commercial

I like this one the best, so far. There are a bunch here.

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Just a test

An open letter to Richard Schiff: Don’t ever speak in a faux British accent again. Really. Boy, did you suck in this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time. That is all. (P.S.: Stick to cranky characters like Toby in … Continue reading

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Your pre-Thanksgiving briefs

Wounded Iraq War vet wins Dancing With the Stars: J.R. Martinez, whom I know from All My Children, won the big prize on the show that I don’t watch (but Mom does, and I told her he would win). Next … Continue reading

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Seriously? You’re fact-checking a COMEDY?

Seriously. Much like the theme song from “Laverne and Shirley,” which declared, “Making our dreams come true for me and you,” “2 Broke Girls” features Max and Caroline brewing a dream of their own: a cupcake business. As the season … Continue reading

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Any One Life to Live fans out there?

I have figured out who killed Victor, and why, and will reveal all in the comments. I think it’s one of the most clever plotlines I’ve seen since I began watching soaps.

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Friday brieflings

Okay, this is just funny: Read it in full, and yes, there are bad words in it, but this is utterly hilarious. A rocker explains why he won’t let Glee cover his songs. (For the records, every time I’ve watched … Continue reading

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Sunday snarks

Aw, c’mon, we want Israel to go bankrupt like the EU is going to! Tent cities in Israel are being replicated in Times Square (kinda sorta), where, apparently, Israelis and Jews alike are ignoring the warning signs in the U.S. … Continue reading

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The Seriously? news briefs

You can’t make this shit up: Palestinians are going to boycott companies that don’t boycott settlement products by obeying the new anti-boycott law in Israel. Seriously. And the Russians like to pretend to be honest brokers: The Russians, at the … Continue reading

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Grey’s Anatomy: Jumping the shark, with music

I love Grey’s anatomy. I love musicals. And I’ve liked the few TV show musical episodes that have popped up here and there. The Buffy the Vampire musical episode was wonderful (except for the fact that Joss insisted on allowing … Continue reading

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