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A change of pace

Let’s have a sweet Friday post. I love Once Upon A Time, and I thought it was so sweet that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, who play Snow White and Prince Charming, fell in love and married in real life. … Continue reading

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Friday makeup briefs

Not another word about the Koch Brothers: Liberals are outspending conservatives in the race to put money into super-PACs. By how much? Nearly three times. Oh my God, people, GET OVER IT: Americans still blame Bush for the lousy economy. … Continue reading

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Friday news briefs

An icon speaks: Abe Foxman has an in-depth interview in the Tablet magazine. Read it all. Here’s just a taste about why so many media outlets focus on Jews: Number two is, I would say, “Jews are news.” So, we … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

YOU can’t come to MY party: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Everyone is invited to the new Iranian president’s inauguration except for the U.S. and, of course, the “Zionist entity”. That’s okay. There’s not going to … Continue reading

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This is why I only lasted one episode and five minutes

I stopped watching Zero Hour (see title) because the creators seem to have missed the point of the J.J. Abrams crazy train: Yes, his shows are stupid and illogical, but they’re not usually broadly so, and they’re a ton of … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

I watch the last remaining soap opera on ABC, General Hospital. I’ve seen my favorite soaps get canceled (or get terrible–I used to be a big Days of Our Lives fan), one by one, network by network. I love the … Continue reading

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The Jew factor

Apparently, it’s the fear of an Arab boycott of the opening ceremonies that is preventing the IOC from holding a moment of silence for the victims of the Munich Massacre. According to an interview given by Thomas Bach, the Vice … Continue reading

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Sunday morning lazy briefs

Oh, stop, you’re ruining the apartheid narrative! Shimon Peres is leading the charge as Harvard University discusses plans to bring a campus to Rahat, a Bedouin town, where Arab and Jewish Israelis can learn side by side in peace and … Continue reading

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Time for a feel-good break

Yes, anyone who believes that Simon Cowell was in any way surprised by the talent shown here, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale–but this is a wonderfully touching story. And a couple of teenagers with amazing voices.

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Save my show!

Do any of you watch Cougar Town, the awfully-named comedy that ABC doesn’t seem to want to promote or give any help to make sure it survives? It was created/produced by one half of the Scrubs team (and features a … Continue reading

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Not so smashing

I love Broadway plays. I love musical theater and the movie musical, and always have. So I was thrilled when I saw promos for Smash, the new NBC series about putting on a Broadway show. I watched the pilot, and … Continue reading

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The best Superbowl commercial

I like this one the best, so far. There are a bunch here.

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Just a test

An open letter to Richard Schiff: Don’t ever speak in a faux British accent again. Really. Boy, did you suck in this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time. That is all. (P.S.: Stick to cranky characters like Toby in … Continue reading

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Your pre-Thanksgiving briefs

Wounded Iraq War vet wins Dancing With the Stars: J.R. Martinez, whom I know from All My Children, won the big prize on the show that I don’t watch (but Mom does, and I told her he would win). Next … Continue reading

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Seriously? You’re fact-checking a COMEDY?

Seriously. Much like the theme song from “Laverne and Shirley,” which declared, “Making our dreams come true for me and you,” “2 Broke Girls” features Max and Caroline brewing a dream of their own: a cupcake business. As the season … Continue reading

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