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Songs from my childhood

I’ve been reminiscing over on FB and decided to share with my blog readers. There were some pretty damned good songs in the sixties.

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A new record for Meryl

I was checking out Reason’s blog and discovered that they were right. A bunch of movies you probably haven’t seen get Golden Globe nominations from the preposterous “Hollywood Foreign Press Association.” A quick trip down the list shows that I … Continue reading

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Lazy Saturday Red Solo Cup post

VERY funny new song (and video) from Toby Keith. Here’s a who’s who of the cameos. And I checked out the Glee cover. You know, Glee ruins every song it touches. It must have a time limit of two minutes … Continue reading

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Because it’s been on my mind a lot these days

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Saturday funny

Sandy Cash again: Egyptian Revolution Blues.

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Weird Al does Lady Gaga

He just performs this way.

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The mysterious Justin Bieber tattoo

I think I understand now why the U.K. is so anti-Zionist. It’s filled with morons who don’t even know what Hebrew looks like when they see it on a teen pop star’s side. The caption of the bigger picture (at … Continue reading

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One more bin Laden comment before bed

From Toby Keith, via Jonathan M.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Jumping the shark, with music

I love Grey’s anatomy. I love musicals. And I’ve liked the few TV show musical episodes that have popped up here and there. The Buffy the Vampire musical episode was wonderful (except for the fact that Joss insisted on allowing … Continue reading

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The 21st century Gene Kelly

Daniel Cloud Campos is utterly amazing in this short film. Via Vanderleun.

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The loss of Debbie Friedman

Debbie Friedman passed away today. Words fail. Her music won’t. This is the song that, seven years ago at a conference for Jewish educators, made me realize what an amazing contribution she made to Judaism. We were all on our … Continue reading

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First night video

Eric J. contributed this one. It’s got a great beat, it’s a fun song, but it is lacking something very important. Where are the women? Why is there not a single woman in this video? Why are they not at … Continue reading

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Friday night video

A fitting one for Friday night. Leonard Cohen toured Israel last year, ignoring calls for him to boycott the Jewish state, what with his being a religious Jew and all that. The result? What was probably a religious experience for … Continue reading

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Fish heads to lighten the mood

Barnes and Barnes wrote a song and created a video that, during the 1980s, gave my friends and me hours of amusement. (All Dr. Demento fans will remember this one.) As a matter of fact, I developed an entire theory … Continue reading

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Snarky entertainment news

Damn! Wrong Redgrave: Lynn Redgrave died of breast cancer yesterday. Shame it wasn’t her sister Vanessa. Say, you think you might have put the new website up before the new CD came out? Mary Chapin Carpenter’s new album is out. … Continue reading

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