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Have at it, haters

Taylor Swift’s new Diet Coke commercial is cute and funny. That won’t stop the haters, but it’s a nice little break from the news.

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KISS and anti-Semitism

Well, this is shocking. Two of the four members of the original KISS were anti-Semites, according to Paul Stanley, who, along with Gene Simmons, is Jewish. Stanley’s book sheds greater light on why he wouldn’t want a full-on reunion, recalling … Continue reading

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Sunday pre-snowstorm briefs

WTF is wrong with him? The Mossad has been extremely successful in killing Iranian nuclear scientists, so of course, Barack Obama wants them to stop. Why? The author doesn’t say. Do you think that the Iranians demanded that secretly as … Continue reading

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To lighten the mood

The Eurovision song contest never disappoints. Please click that link to get the Buzzfeed highlights. And enjoy this parody by the host country.

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I miss this music

I heard this on the Oscars last night and had to dig around until I found more than the few bars the orchestra played. I grew up on music like this as well as rock’n’roll. Adele is the closest we … Continue reading

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Paying attention, Rihanna?

A sad case about a woman who left one violent boyfriend only to be murdered by another. Pistorius and his family claim it was a horrible “accident”. He’s saying he thought she was an intruder. The police have found a … Continue reading

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Monday morning briefs

Think the AP will cover this? Egypt is pumping water into smuggling tunnels, without caring if there are people in them. Imagine the world outcry if Israel did this. Double standards? Yeah, we got that. Oh, and the AP thought … Continue reading

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What the world needs now

Hal David, the man who partnered with Burt Bacharach to write so many top 40 hits, has died. This man wrote the songbook of my youth. There is not a song on this list that I cannot sing. At about … Continue reading

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Les Miz, the movie

Can. Not. Wait.

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Sunday morning fluff news briefs

Seriously? Really, this is a headline. Kristen Stewart ‘F**king Loves Acting’ Because She Is ‘Really Boring’. It popped up on my Google News feed. To think I used to read–and enjoy–entertainment magazines. My, tastes change. And oh, I will watch … Continue reading

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Time for a feel-good break

Yes, anyone who believes that Simon Cowell was in any way surprised by the talent shown here, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale–but this is a wonderfully touching story. And a couple of teenagers with amazing voices.

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Only two days left!

My nephew’s band still needs about $800 for that cross-country tour. If you have even a dollar or two to spare, go to Kickstarter and pledge. Aunt Meryl really wants to see her boy perform in Richmond. Plus, bonus of … Continue reading

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Pledge drive, part 2

My nephew’s band needs $849 more in pledges in order to go on their cross-country tour. I kicked in a hundred books. Five bucks apiece from a few dozen of you would go a long way, especially considering that a … Continue reading

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A pledge drive (but not for me)

A friend of mine is in a band, and they’re trying to raise $2,500 for expenses for a tour–which will actually include a stop in Richmond, so I can see my “nephew” for the first time in, um, okay, it’s … Continue reading

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Not so smashing

I love Broadway plays. I love musical theater and the movie musical, and always have. So I was thrilled when I saw promos for Smash, the new NBC series about putting on a Broadway show. I watched the pilot, and … Continue reading

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