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Retro blogging

Yeah, I’m totally going to ignore most of the news and post personal bloggy things. For instance, I’m glad I didn’t really want to see a midnight showing of Harry Potter DH2. I’m tired enough to go to bed now; … Continue reading

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Movie weekend

X-Men First Class on Friday, Mr. Popper’s Penguins on Saturday, and Pirates of the Caribbean today. I enjoyed them all. You know, I almost never listen to reviewers anymore. I’m even planning on seeing Green Lantern, even though I have … Continue reading

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Mel Gibson schadenfreude update

The Beaver is declared a flop–on opening weekend. Sucks to be you today, Mel. Awww. Are we sad? Nope. Not at all.

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The 21st century Gene Kelly

Daniel Cloud Campos is utterly amazing in this short film. Via Vanderleun.

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Uninformed people, understandable. Uninformed journalists, no: So religious Jews wrapping themselves in tefillin and praying is an “elaborate ritual“? Really? Because I’ve seen people put on tefillin, and it’s not all that elaborate. The AP can’t even get something this … Continue reading

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Oscar thoughts

How do you give the awards for sound editing and mixing to Inception, but not the best score? Toy Story3 ? Seriously? Toy Story 3? No comparison to the Inception soundtrack. Well, at least they gave the right film best … Continue reading

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Okay, I am very late to the party, but I bought the DVD and finally caught up. My estimation of Joss Whedon has gone even higher than I thought it could ever go. Must. Buy. Soundtrack. And Blu-Ray. I read … Continue reading

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Saturday night stupid

I put this baby on the DVR, and Sarah came over to watch it with me. It’s great, stupid fun. Made by the guy that brought you Megashark vs. Giant Octopus.

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Friday, briefly

Awesome! The UN gives up on Israel’s nukes: That will be one less anti-Israel report out of the UN, as investigators have given up because they can’t get the information they need for the report. Oh, like Israel is going … Continue reading

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Your evening funny

Via Allahpundit. Spit-monitor warning. VERY funny.

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Anger management program dropouts

Language warning: It’s Christian Bale vs. Mel Gibson. Effing hilarious.

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Just four simple words on Mel Gibson:

I told you so. (Background)

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Snarky entertainment news

Damn! Wrong Redgrave: Lynn Redgrave died of breast cancer yesterday. Shame it wasn’t her sister Vanessa. Say, you think you might have put the new website up before the new CD came out? Mary Chapin Carpenter’s new album is out. … Continue reading

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Arnold Stang and the Middle East

Barry Rubin has succeeded in using an Arnold Stang analogy while explaining the way power works in the Middle East. And so, if you’re going to have a superpower protector, the relatively moderate Arab rulers prefer Arnold Schwarzenegger to Arnold … Continue reading

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Back home, tired, and there’s work to do

I am back in my home sweet home, with my cats yowling for attention in the background. I’m currently cleaning up a mess on the blog. I have a ton of real work to do, and though I had a … Continue reading

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