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Monday morning briefs

Those Israeli films nominated for Oscars? They’re both anti-Israel films. Gee, what a shock. Gee, this will end well: The EU is working on another peace plan that they intend to ram down Israel’s throat. They UN is also trying … Continue reading

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The vast left-wing conspiracy

On Wednesday, Mother Jones broke a story that dozens of liberal groups are meeting secretly in an effort to “get big money out of politics”. Except the only money they want to stop from funding political actions is money that … Continue reading

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A prediction for Obamacare by a doctor

I went to the doctor today. Since it was an urgent case, I told them I’d take any member of the group. I saw a male GYN, something I haven’t done in years. I told him he was the first … Continue reading

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Tuesday, briefly

The case for ending U.S. military aid to the Middle East: They have some good points, and Netanyahu has already said that U.S. aid is only a small part of Israel’s budget. I find myself agreeing more and more with … Continue reading

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One question about the David Petraeus case

I’m sorry, but there’s something that simply cannot be asked often enough. The CIA Director was using a Gmail account? Seriously? A GMAIL ACCOUNT? Director? CIA? Head of the spy agency? The ones who are supposed to be, you know, … Continue reading

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How Obama won re-election

With the economy still in the tank, our standing in the world beneath what it was when W. was president, our debt larger than it has ever been, what, you may be wondering, got this crappy president re-elected? Media covering … Continue reading

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2012 Voting Report

Ut-oh. Four years ago, I wrote this: I voted at 11:30. I was voter number 1590 in a precinct with about 3,000 registered voters. I finished voting around noon today. I was voter number 1421. Not liking that at all. … Continue reading

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Election day briefs

I think I have to admit it: I’m a political junkie. I really didn’t think I was, but I do seem to be far more up on politics than my friends, who are no slouches in keeping up with the … Continue reading

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A word about the election tomorrow

I was in a deep blue area of Richmond today. I saw almost no Obama signs. The momentum is on the other side. I think Mitt Romney is going to be our next president. Don’t forget to get out and … Continue reading

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Sunday turn your clock back briefs

Mad Mahmoud is not a popular person these days: Looks like the Mad Mullahs are mightily annoyed with Monkey Boy. They’re going to ask him why the Iranian currency is tanking. Here’s a hint for them: Nuclear enrichment, underground centrifuges, … Continue reading

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Because I don’t want to get into arguments with my friends…

I’m posting the Romney stuff here. Romney closes big: ‘Love of country’ vs. ‘Revenge’ “Now, throughout this campaign President Obama has tried to convince you that these last four years have been a success,” Romney said. “There it is — … Continue reading

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Friday briefs

Damn, I was hoping it would have been completely destroyed: No such luck. The UN building survived. Go move it somewhere else, like to some other country, please. Funny, how this doesn’t get worldwide headlines: The Palestinian hunger strikers were … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

Hamas documents its own war crimes: Hamas released a video proving they fire rockets from civilian areas. And yet, there will never be a Goldstone Commission for their crimes. And of course, there will always be excuses made for them. … Continue reading

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On the radio

I’m going to be on the Ed Morrissey show tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4 p.m. Keep an eye on Hot Air for a more direct link. I’ll be discussing politics, my history as a blogger, and my book. Update: I’ll be … Continue reading

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Friday briefs

U.S. forces told to “stand down” during Benghazi attack: This is a screw-up from the very first moment, and if it were a Republican administration, this would be front-page news in every newspaper across America. Instead, only Fox News and … Continue reading

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