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One more podcast for me

I contributed to Doug Payton’s “Consider This”, the successor to Shire Network News. You can listen here.

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I’m on the Ed Morrissey show today

Three p.m., over at HotAir. I’ll be talking politics, blogging, and my book.

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The last-ever Shire Network News podcast

Thanks to political correctness, Tom Paine was forbidden by his employer from continuing on Shire Network News. As a result, well, the podcast died. But before it dies, we got together and put out our last-ever Shire Network News podcast. … Continue reading

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Saturday podcast open thread

I talked about Helen Thomas on this week’s Shire Network News, which should be out tomorrow. You can read the Playboy interview here. (And yes, it is one gigantic cognitive dissonance to read the words “Helen Thomas” and “Playboy interview” … Continue reading

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This week’s SNN

This week’s SNN is up. We’re putting out the podcast about twice a month, and I do have a segment this time around. Give it a listen.

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Left behind

(All the lefties are going to freak about the title of this post. ZOMG! She’s one of those rapture freaks!) I left my good microphone in Virginia, and I am in NJ. With a kick-ass script and a crappy mic. … Continue reading

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The latest SNN

The latest version of Shire Network News, including the entire gang, is now up. Give it a listen. I think you’ll like it. Remember, you don’t need an iPod to listen. You can listen to it via Windows Media Player … Continue reading

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A heads-up

New Shire Network News is coming out this weekend, and yep, I contributed a piece.

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SNN preview

I’m pretty happy with my contribution this week. So you can all give a listen early if you promise to go to the SNN site and hear the podcast in full later. Remember, you don’t need an iPod to hear … Continue reading

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Podcast bleg

If anyone out there has an mp3 or wav file of clucking chickens—or even a person imitating clucking chickens—I’d appreciate an email. I need to get mind done early if possible, so I’ll be trying to squeeze it in between … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast: Purdum on Palin; Purdum on Obama

I’m going to do something very different today. Following is the script from my most recent segment on Shire Network News. There are the titles and pullquotes to two of Todd Purdum’s Vanity Fair profiles. Raising Obama Is he tough … Continue reading

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New Shire Network News

The latest SNN is up, and it has a new contribution by yours truly, one of my better ones. I will be updating my podcast page this weekend, probably. If you want to hear me before then, well, you know … Continue reading

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SNN is up. I’m not.

This week’s Shire Network News is up, and you folks had better listen to it, because I stayed up way late last night getting it done. I cover, of course, Obama’s Cairo speech.

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Lazy day

Since I was busy last weekend and will be busy next weekend, I decided to be lazy this weekend. Catching up on soaps, Dollhouse (wow, what an AMAZING episode, pleasepleaseplease renew it, Fox!), Being Erica (yay chick flick TV shows!) … Continue reading

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Shire Network News: Why, yes, yes it is

Is there a new Shire Network News out this week? Why, yes. Yes there is. Am I a part of it? Why, yes. Yes I am. Do we have the usual bunch of snark, a fascinating feature interview by Tom … Continue reading

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