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The world’s worst motivational poster

I’m sure you’ve seen those motivational posters around. (This parody was created by Despair, Inc.’s Parody Motivator Generator.) I saw this picture and thought it must be the world’s least appropriate motivational poster. Israelly Cool! thinks it’s part of a … Continue reading

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Parody unparalleled

Longtime readers know how much I like to parody song lyrics. And I’m pretty damned good at it. This guy is great at it. “I’m Still Here” is a song that I’ve tried for years to write a parody for, … Continue reading

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LOST: The return of the return of the Lost episode summary

[FLASHBACK TO John Locke, depressed and at the Disability office, being asked stupid questions by an annoying bureaucrat that proves once again that Hollywood script writers have zero connection to real, actual working people] [Meryl says: gee, what an exciting … Continue reading

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I can’t! No more, says Manuel II.

It was gloomy and quiet in the emperor’s palace in Constantinople since the evening of September 26, when the mail pigeon with a message from the Ottoman Sultan arrived. The message reader clerk that was summoned by His Majesty to … Continue reading

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Manuel II: I meant the Jews!

Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus issued a correction that returned peace and tranquility to the world. Interviewed in his summer residence near Constantinople, while he was tending to his praised collection of orchids, overlooking his two favorite scythian slave gardeners, … Continue reading

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Some help from my readers

I have been trying to write a parody of “I’m Still Here” using events from Jewish history, but have been unable to get anything going. Here’s what I need you from my readers: Summaries of events in Jewish history in … Continue reading

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That’s one unsquare dude!

I need to pay more attention to the goings-on in Russia. One could miss a very important event and find oneself completely out of the picture and without a dry towel. The story started here: Russia’s Putin Kisses Little Boy … Continue reading

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Nuclear scoop – directly from Khamenai.

Remember – you have first learned about it here, so do not let any mass media running lackey dog of capitalism, imperialism and Zionism to tell you differently. IRNA reports that no other than the Supreme Leader himself decided to

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Another one out of the closet

Memo to the Chief Archivist: Oren, this situation is intolerable. The Hasbara department cannot carry out its duties when one tentacle does not know what the other is doing. Look what our counterparts of IRIB have discovered, and we were … Continue reading

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So you do need badges after all!

IRNA – the official Iran’s news agency – reported that the achievements of Iran in scientific research are lauded by UNESCO. The UNESCO Chief Koichiro Matsuura in a message to the Third Isfahan Sheikh-Bahaei Job Creation Festival lauded Iran’s peaceful … Continue reading

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Mahmoud A. as a stand-up comedian

New pearls of wisdom from Mahmoud the Iranian Gorilla. Continue reading

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PETA and Crucifixion

New shenanigans by PETA – now it’s Crucifixion! Continue reading

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Lost Episode Summary: Girls’ Day Out

In which Claire proves more annoying than her colicky baby. Continue reading

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Song question

There was a song from the 1950s or 1960s that went on about how this girl had personality, then burst into something like “Plus she’s got a brand new car.” I can’t find it via Google because the words are … Continue reading

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Lair sings!

Get your ears ready and hide the cats! Continue reading

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