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All your devices are belong to us

Google thinks it has the right to tell you what you can do with a purchase after you make it. If you try to resell Google Glass after you buy it, Google will have it self-destruct. Buyers of Google Glass … Continue reading

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Monday morning briefs

The difference between Israelis and Palestinians: Here’s the difference, in a nutshell, between the two cultures. The Palestinians revel in any destruction of Jewish holy sites. Israelis proclaim these actions criminal and vow to punish the perpetrators. Another day, another … Continue reading

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The Officer Krupke defense

It’s amazing what you find when clicking around due to a Google News link. Edmonton is currently undergoing the highest murder rate in the nation, and the “experts” are just flailing away at the reasons why. Here’s my favorite part: … Continue reading

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All credit to the engineers

Popular Science features the Very Large Telescope in an amazing time-lapse video of the night sky. Put the video on fullscreen and sit back and enjoy it. And while you’re doing that, thank the scientists and engineers who made these … Continue reading

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Because we can all use some good news

NY cop rescues 11-year-old girl who fell through the ice. “I could see just her head sticking out of the water,” DeMatteo said, according to the New York Post. “I was nervous that we’d both go in, but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Angela Merkel, multikulti and “progressives” mental paralysis

So, the sky has thundered. The leader of one of most politically correct, sensitive and holier-than-thou countries in Europe finally delivered a coup de grâce to already dying unnatural creature called  multiculturalism. It’s quite the time, and let’s be frank: … Continue reading

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The Richmond Racist Network

Eight years ago, when I first moved to Richmond, I was astonished that the local cable access channel allowed neo-Nazis to publicize their Jew hatred and racism. Today, the Southern Poverty Law Center has released a “Hate Map,” and Jay … Continue reading

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A wholly owned subsidiary of Soros Inc.

With an enthusiasm that would make even the most adept PR professional blush, the Washington Post issues a press release about Human Rights Watch newest sugar daddy, With $100 million Soros gift, Human Rights Watch looks to expand global reach … Continue reading

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Shades of moderation

Two weeks ago Jeffrey Goldberg wrote, If He Could, Bin Laden Would Bomb the Cordoba Initiative (via memeorandum): This seems like such an obvious point, but it is apparently not obvious to the many people who oppose the Cordoba Initiative’s … Continue reading

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Not a matter of freedom, but of sensitivity

According to the Washington Post: Two Republican members of Congress, Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida and Peter T. King of New York, called government sponsorship of Rauf’s trip “unacceptable” in a joint statement. They said he had suggested in at … Continue reading

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Saturday night open thread

Not that I think anyone will actually comment here… I know, I know, nearly all of you like to read in silence. It’s okay. I’ll sit here, alone, in the dark. And quiet.

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Now you see bee now you don’t

Funny thing. I think dogwoods in my neighborhood haven’t bloomed as nicely as they have in the past. For one thing it appears that the flowers have been more sparse this year. (Did anyone else notice this?) Also the flowers … Continue reading

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The son also op-eds

Well following in his father’s illustrious path, Saif al-Islam el-Qaddafi has taken the pen to produce an op-ed for the New York Times, so he could, of course, argue that Megrahi is innocent. Mr. Megrahi was released for the right … Continue reading

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No Jews, No beer

Please see an important note at the end. A few days ago the Washington Post concluded in Self-Muzzled at Yale: In effect, Yale University Press is allowing violent extremists to set the terms of free speech. As an academic press … Continue reading

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The moon is made of multi-colored tie dyed cheese

Wow, a really funky color enhanced picture of the moon from NASA. Earth’s Moon This composite image depicts the moon’s rugged south polar region and is the highest resolution topography map to date of the moon’s south pole. It was … Continue reading

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