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Thursday briefs

Saudi Medieval Punishment Watch: If you think Islamic “justice” can’t get much more disgusting than stoning a person to death, you’re wrong. A Saudi judge wrote to several hospitals asking them if they would sever a criminal’s spinal cord in … Continue reading

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Your Sunday morning snark briefs

Leo doesn’t heart Mel: Word is that Leonardo DiCaprio exited a film he was going to do with mysognist anti-Semite Mel Gibson. The insider quoted doesn’t give a reason, but perhaps the fact that Leo is dating Israeli model Bar … Continue reading

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Because that Israel lobby just distorts American policy so much

Yesterday’s Washington Post features At White House, Obama and Saudi king discuss Guantanamo, Mideast peace process by Ann Kornblut. The article features a number of interesting paragraphs: Broaching a sensitive subject, President Obama assured the visiting king of Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Friday morning briefs

There’s hope for the AP yet: This is the single most balanced piece by the AP on Israel I’ve read in years. It’s about Netanyahu withdrawing from the upcoming nuclear conference in Washington to prevent Arab nations from making the … Continue reading

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Violence against women – Lancet style

I was looking through a chart of gender ratios. Worldwide, there are about 102 men for every 100 women, but in the Gulf States, that ratio is much higher. Bahrain – 135; Qatar – 307 ; United Arab Emirates – … Continue reading

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Go, go, go; no, no, no

A while back the New York Times reported on Saudi efforts to “rehab” jihadis. Jilani frowned slightly and wrote Ali’s answer up on the white board behind him. He read it out to the class before turning back to Ali. … Continue reading

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Friday SNB

Reap what you sow dept.: A Saudi prince was injured by a terrorist who blew himself up on his way to meet with him. Don’t you just love how the AP talks about the prince spearheading the “aggressive” Saudi anti-terrorism … Continue reading

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The libel tourist is dead

Khalid bin Mahfouz is dead. The New York Times tells us: Khalid bin Mahfouz, a billionaire Saudi banker who paid $225 million to settle charges of bank fraud in 1993 and later won a string of lawsuits in Britain against … Continue reading

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No Jews, No beer

Please see an important note at the end. A few days ago the Washington Post concluded in Self-Muzzled at Yale: In effect, Yale University Press is allowing violent extremists to set the terms of free speech. As an academic press … Continue reading

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Monday SNB

Fatah old guard: Hey, we’re old, we’re rich, we’re corrupt, and we ain’t movin’: The old guard won’t let the young guard horn in on their territory. Not surprising; the old guard has its lovely villas in the West Bank … Continue reading

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