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The most frightening analysis you’ll ever read

Lee Smith is a superb Middle East analyst. He’s been moving up in the world of journalism for years, deservedly so. And he has written the most frightening analysis of Obama’s Middle East policy I’ve ever read. According to Lee, … Continue reading

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Monday Monday briefs

So it’s pretty much all bad news, huh? Let’s take a look. The new Pharoah: Morsi’s standing tough on his power grab, and the Obama Administration has yet to say much about it. The new pseudo-state: The Palestinians are still … Continue reading

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Late Tuesday briefs

The incitement that doesn’t exist: One more example of how the Palestinians want to live in peace with Israel. That is, if you ignore the fact that they’re teaching their kindergarteners to blow up Israelis. The hypocrisy of the human … Continue reading

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Let’s stop pretending it isn’t the Islamism

Our friends the Saudis got Interpol to arrest one of their citizens, who fled to Malaysia–a nation that I have been told over and over again is a mostly Muslim nation that is tolerant of other religions (never mind that … Continue reading

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Monday back to work briefs

Cyber credit war: A Saudi hacker (or a person claiming to be a Saudi hacker) got into a database holding thousands of Israeli credit card info and has leaked the info online. Now, Israeli hackers say they have credit card … Continue reading

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Monday morning briefs

Ding dong the witch is dead: Kim Jong-il is gone. Alas, another is ready to take his place. Stupid Sith lords. Not my grandfather’s religion: I don’t care what you say, rioting is not the part of Orthodox Judaism that … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning briefs

They’re selling out, man: Some enterprising entrepreneur is looking to trademark Occupy Wall Street. Ah, the delicious irony—he isn’t even really a part of the movement. Smart man. Think Facebook will delete this page? A Saudi cleric is offering $100,000 … Continue reading

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Monday morning briefs

Yeah, I’d have given Iran a royal one-finger salute: The hikers are free, gave a press conference, and still managed to criticize the U.S. position on Iran. I’d give the hikers a one-finger salute as well, the ungrateful idiots. They … Continue reading

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So…What if?

Let us for a moment ask, “What if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to control Egypt?” Let us in addition argue that this would not be in the form of an Iran-esque theocracy, but a Turkish style Islamist democracy. I wrote … Continue reading

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Distorting Mideast policy

According to Laura Rozen (note here yesterday) the administration’s upset that Netnayahu isn’t infinitely pliable. The American team is said to be frustrated and upset at Netanyahu’s dismissal to date of the package, which was drafted by the NSC’s Dennis … Continue reading

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