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The missing news from the AP

What’s missing from this AP article? Here’s the lead: The Israeli military has discovered an underground tunnel dug out from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip into Israel, the army said Sunday, adding it believes militants had intended to use the tunnel … Continue reading

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The demographic lie

The Jewish Press has kindly translated for us an analysis of an Israeli demographic study. The results are not at all what the media and political narrative has been told to you. Arabs are not going to outnumber Jews in … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

Punching back twice as hard: Jihadis fired rockets from Lebanon into Israel today. So the IDF fired back into Lebanon tonight. Watch for the condemnation of Israel tomorrow. The peasants are revolting: An anti-Hamas group is modeling itself after the … Continue reading

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Friday briefs

A perfect example of Israel Derangement Syndrome: How much do people hate Israel? So much so that a simple tagged bird was carefully examined to make sure it wasn’t an Israeli spy. Yes, really. Paranoid, much? But it’s just a … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

YOU can’t come to MY party: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Everyone is invited to the new Iranian president’s inauguration except for the U.S. and, of course, the “Zionist entity”. That’s okay. There’s not going to … Continue reading

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Once more, with Kerry

Just a day or so ago, our newest Secretary of State was pretty sure he’d bullied Israel into releasing convicted murderers, freezing settlements, and sitting down for peace talks with the Palestinians by giving into most of the preconditions that … Continue reading

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Friday briefs

Yeah, she didn’t seem to care about the Christians, though: Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is bent out of shape that the Egyptian military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood government. Because the military is detaining the leadership. … Continue reading

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Rocket fire from Gaza, again

Six rockets hit southern Israel today. No casualties; Iron Dome intercepted two and the rest landed in open areas. The big question is: Why? “We’re pretty shocked at the whole thing,” said Sigal Moran, head of the Bnei Shimon Regional … Continue reading

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Monday briefs

Trust us, we’re here to help you: Once again, international peacekeepers have fled from the violence on the borders of Israel, this time in the Golan. Every single peace plan that mentions Jerusalem as an international city insists that Israel … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

What media bias? Say, did you know that the Palestinian terrorist who murdered a father of five in the West Bank wasn’t imprisoned just for stone-throwing? That he actually was a terrorist trying to kill Israeli soldiers? If you read … Continue reading

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Mideast Media Sampler – 04/30/2013

1) The proof? Yesterday I noted that the New York Times seemed eager to relegate an article about the administration’s reluctance to believe that Assad had employed chemical weapons to the ash heap of history. In a new editorial, Ill-considered … Continue reading

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Tuesday morning briefs

Rocket attacker, attacked by rocket: The IDF took out the rocketeer behind the last few attacks on Israel. Best news? He was a rocket builder as well as a rocketeer. Hamas’ Health Ministry identified the terrorist as Haytham Almishal, 24, … Continue reading

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Cause and effect, reversed by the anti-Israel press

The New York Times does it. Clashes Resume Across Israel-Gaza Border as Tensions Mount Israeli-Palestinian tensions rose sharply on Wednesday with a resumption of clashes over the Israel-Gaza border as Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails declared a three-day hunger strike … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of a lie about Israel

Last November, a BBC stringer’s 11-month-old boy was killed by rocket fire. The news media rushed the story around the world, blaming an Israeli airstrike, even though the IDF denied any airstrike in that particular location. There is no shortage … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

One can only hope: Hassan Nasrallah is reportedly being treated for cancer. A fast-acting one, it seems. The “nonviolent” intifada, now with Grad rockets! A rocket landed on the outskirts of Ashkelon. Good to know that Mahmoud Abbas is heeding … Continue reading

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