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This is why I hate the AP

Look at this misleading headline and lead. Iran: Rouhani talks peace, outreach at army parade Iran’s president underscored his moderate policies and outreach to the West in a speech Friday during a military parade on the country’s National Army Day. … Continue reading

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Changing the narrative

There was a shooting yesterday at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas. The murderer shot a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather in the parking lot. They weren’t even Jewish, which happens more often than you’d think in cases like this. … Continue reading

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No Jewish state for you!

The Arab League has categorically denied that Jews belong in the Middle East, history notwithstanding. (And someone at the AP is going to get fired over the truth in this headline.) Arab League rejects Israel as Jewish homeland Arab leaders … Continue reading

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The media bias against Israel is as stale and repetitive as ever

Rocket fire from Gaza, media bias from AP and others. It’s always the same old song. The title: Israel: Gaza Militants Fire More Rockets on Israel Because if Israel says it, we must cast doubt on it. The lead: Gaza … Continue reading

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Tuesday briefs

It will make a perfect target: Hamas unveiled a statue of an M-75 rocket and declared its intent to target all of Israel. Please, please, please, drop a bomb on it. What a statement that would make. Play it down, … Continue reading

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Friday briefs

Yes, because placating Iran is the way to go: The IAEA refused to publish a report that would have revealed Iranian deception in the nuclear negotiations by proving that Iran is working towards a nuclear bomb. Because negotiations! Because Iran … Continue reading

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Shorter John Dickerson: No fair digging up dirt on Dems

Yesterday, Glenn Reynolds linked to John Dickerson’s article on CBS News saying that Republicans should not be looking into the Clinton presidential years while discussing Hillary Clinton. We’re all very busy, so here’s a time-saver: Let’s all agree to not … Continue reading

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Wednesday news briefs

Why the left hates Jews: Read this in its entirety; it’s a history of how the so-called democratic left managed to keep Jew hatred as its mainstay throughout the last two centuries. And why the quenelle is but the latest … Continue reading

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Israel, Israel, Israel!

The AP continues its tradition of explicitly blaming Israel for all failures in Middle East negotiations. Let’s look at the headline and lead: Israeli Hardliners Object to Kerry Pressure Benjamin Netanyahu’s hardline coalition partners on Sunday stepped up pressure on … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

But I thought the Antarctic ice is melting? A team of scientists have been rescued from a ship that’s been stuck “unusually thick” Antarctic ice for ten days. Funny, just yesterday I saw a WWF commercial telling me how thin … Continue reading

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