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I got nuthin’

Feeling a bit under the weather all week, so I went to the doctor’s this morning. Nothing serious, but now I have antibiotics to make me better. Unfortunately, except for work, much of my life has been thrown off. Haven’t … Continue reading

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The passing of a great man

Barry Rubin passed away today. He was a great man, a writer and analyst who told the truth about Israel and Islamism. He was born in the United States and was solidly liberal–until the last few years. He was deeply … Continue reading

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Your web manager tip of the day

You know those “Top xx” lists you see that are clickbait but also something you’d be interested in reading? Like any of Popular Mechanic’s lists? I’m looking at their top 10 carpet cleaning secrets from the pros right now. Hate … Continue reading

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Oh, right, a post

I forgot about that. I was writing today. Book two is now officially at the three-quarters mark. Expect it to be out in March. And happy new year.

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A happy and safe New Year’s Eve to you all

Or, as I like to say, “Happy goyisha New Year!” And I say it very fondly. Enjoy whatever you choose to do tonight. I’m going to be writing, because book two isn’t going to write itself. And, well, I’ve never … Continue reading

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Off having a life

Services this morning, laser tag and go-karts with my nephew this afternoon, and writing tonight. Meimei is mostly recovered from being spayed. I let her out when I got home, and put her back when she annoyed the crap out … Continue reading

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Well, let’s see. Meimei is still imprisoned in the guest room. I’m not supposed to let her run free for another few days, which is driving all of us crazy. Tig keeps yowling by the door wanting her to come … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle

I have a computer again, a stopgap system that I’ll use for the next six months or so until I’m out of debt and ready to buy another computer. Gawd. I forgot I have to re-educate MS Word on all … Continue reading

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Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah

So happy Hanukkah to my Jewish readers, friends, and family. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It’s also the second night of Hanukkah. And that’s about all the relation is to the two holidays. SO tired of that word that puts the two … Continue reading

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It was a long day in NorVA

Back to work full-time means conferences and full schedules. I didn’t get home until nearly 9:30, although I did stop at Wegman’s to get my fix of Hebrew National corned beef for dinner. (Bought enough for a few sandwiches, too.) … Continue reading

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