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Thursday news briefs

Because name-calling is such a great way to make your point: This column in Ha’aretz is titled “Every Jewish mother’s nightmare.” What, that their son/daughter intermarry and don’t raise the children in the faith? That they should, God forbid, die … Continue reading

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Say, Karl Vick, does moderation include calling for war?

Say, Karl Vick, are you SURE Hamas is moderating? I’m thinking that Karl Vick (rhymes with “dick”) ((cf. Time Magazine’s infamous “Menachem Begin*” (rhymes with “Fagin”) issue)) is, well, wrong about Hamas becoming more moderate due to its dealings with … Continue reading

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The Reason Occupy Wall Street anthem

It is full of teh awesome.

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The presidents wants YOU to snitch on your neighbor

Really? Attack Watch? Really? The president of the United States of America is so effing insecure that he has a website dedicated to trying to “fight the smears” about him? Really? Because it’s not like the media ever posted a … Continue reading

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The obligatory end of the world post

As I am quite sure I won’t be going anywhere during the Rapture, what with my being Jewish and all that, here’s a post where those of us who will not be going anywhere can discuss the mayhem and chaos … Continue reading

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Hassan Nasrallah: moving house

This was really just a joke. Timing is all, you know how it goes… However, now it appears to be a prophetic one: Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has made fundamental changes in his personal security arrangements to avoid being killed … Continue reading

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Mel Gibson schadenfreude update

The Beaver is declared a flop–on opening weekend. Sucks to be you today, Mel. Awww. Are we sad? Nope. Not at all.

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Juvenile scorn and the Marrickville Israel boycott

Some wit in Australia has an excellent editorial about the Marrickville town council’s stupendously stupid effort to boycott Israeli products (at the cost of $3.7 million Australian). Kudos to the author, to whom I grant an honorary Master of Juvenile … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s all Israel’s fault

Libyan troops are massacring protesters. Bodies are lying in the streets. The arms that Ghaddafy is using to murder his countrymen? Supplied by Britain and Italy. Hezbollah is now deeply intertwined with the Mexican drug cartels, teaching them advanced bomb-making … Continue reading

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The linkage issue, proven

Now that the Middle East is engulfed in chaos in three nations—Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen, with Jordan possibly right behind—it has utterly proven the theory that if only Israel and the Palestinians were at peace, the problems of the Middle … Continue reading

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