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Hassan Nasrallah: moving house

This was really just a joke. Timing is all, you know how it goes… However, now it appears to be a prophetic one: Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has made fundamental changes in his personal security arrangements to avoid being killed … Continue reading

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Mel Gibson schadenfreude update

The Beaver is declared a flop–on opening weekend. Sucks to be you today, Mel. Awww. Are we sad? Nope. Not at all.

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Juvenile scorn and the Marrickville Israel boycott

Some wit in Australia has an excellent editorial about the Marrickville town council’s stupendously stupid effort to boycott Israeli products (at the cost of $3.7 million Australian). Kudos to the author, to whom I grant an honorary Master of Juvenile … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s all Israel’s fault

Libyan troops are massacring protesters. Bodies are lying in the streets. The arms that Ghaddafy is using to murder his countrymen? Supplied by Britain and Italy. Hezbollah is now deeply intertwined with the Mexican drug cartels, teaching them advanced bomb-making … Continue reading

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The linkage issue, proven

Now that the Middle East is engulfed in chaos in three nations—Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen, with Jordan possibly right behind—it has utterly proven the theory that if only Israel and the Palestinians were at peace, the problems of the Middle … Continue reading

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It’s true: Dictators hate being mocked

Hugo Chavez forced a Colombian soap opera off the air in Venezuela because it mocked him and his country. I think he’s right about the mocking part, anyway. A Venezuelan television station has stopped airing a Colombian soap opera after … Continue reading

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The incivility of the right left

Remember this? It’s from an entire website that was developed solely to apologize to the world for re-electing George W. Bush. Say, that right-wing incivility that the pundits are all decrying? Backatcha, pals. In this one, “get the bastards” is … Continue reading

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Boycott Israel: Stop miracles from happening

The boycott and divest morons are working to prevent Israeli inventions like this: Oh, sure, they say they’re not against innovation. But boycotting Israel, with the intent to harm Israel’s economy, means companies that invent devices like this don’t get … Continue reading

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Another Master of Juvenile Scorn

I think I already bestowed this title on Jeffrey Goldberg, but I’m going to point out again how he is, indeed, a Master of Juvenile Scorn on the same level as yours truly (and that is a rare, rare, rare … Continue reading

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Mediterranean conference cancelled on account of cooties

When I read something like this Mediterranean summit canceled again due to Arab threat to boycott over Israel (via Daily Alert Blog) An international summit of Mediterranean leaders has been canceled for the third time because Arab states threatened to … Continue reading

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The dull, throbbing anxiety of Jonathan Franzen’s potential reader

I have a confession to make. It is with growing feelings of inferiority and frustration that I look at the growing list of authors who, according to widely accepted verdict of literary critics belong to the Pantheon of greatness or … Continue reading

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The Stewart/Colbert rally

Is it my imagination, or were the only black people at the rally onstage when the OJays sang “Love Train“? Also, funny, isn’t it, that Stewart didn’t introduce Yusuf Islam by his full name? Oh, wait. I forgot. Cat Stevens … Continue reading

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A textbook example of a moronic commenter

While trying to wrap my brain around the New York Times Magazine profiling Pamela Geller, I came across Charles Johnson and Robert Spencer in the Guardian’s Comment is Free. Now, I sometimes delve into the CiF comment sink, because Know … Continue reading

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A public service announcement about chain emails

Just in case my readers didn’t know this, I would like to state plainly and clearly so that there can be no misunderstanding: Passing along chain letters will not make you any money. Not now, not ever. An interesting fact … Continue reading

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Even the losers write history sometimes

I am no historian. But I can’t help the feeling that the New York Times’s account of the recdently declassified transcripts of the Israeli government’s deliberations over the war wasn’t presented in academic fashion, but rather to promote the view … Continue reading

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