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Monday briefs

Yeah, eff you all for this: Russia refuses to give Chabad the library that used to belong to Rabbi Schneerson. America is actually sending Jewish artifacts back to Iraq–where there are no more Jews–instead of to Israel, where most of … Continue reading

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This is why Israel can’t have peace

Everyone loves to talk about how sports brings nations together, especially around Olympics time. Athletes cross national borders, make friends with athletes from enemy nations, yadda yadda, blah blah blah. Except it’s mostly bullshit. Because this is what happened during … Continue reading

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The Exception Clause, Part 2

Longtime readers know that The Exception Clause on this blog consists of the words “except for Israel” added to situations that every other nation is allowed. One example would be that all nations have the right to retaliate when being … Continue reading

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Happy 10th

I have written before about my evolution as a blogger. But that was mostly a history of the media I used. Not the activism I practiced. I guess it started in 1987, when I got my first letter to the … Continue reading

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Racism for me, but not for thee

So, you know that theory that says you can’t blame an entire people for the actions of some of them? It’s also part of The Exception Clause, because it goes for every people on earth, except, of course, the Jews. … Continue reading

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The Exception Clause and Hillary’s speech

There’s a principle that I call The Exception Clause. Essentially, you add the words “except for Jews” or “except for Israel” to the end of every rule, statement, etc. that the world lives by, or something that is expected of everyone. It was in full bloom in Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy speech yesterday, where, we were told, she would be asking the Palestinians and Arabs to work as hard at fulfilling their obligations toward peace as the Obama administration is demanding from Israel. Continue reading

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Canadian Human Rights Commission missed one

So the Canadian Human Rights Commission, after expending much effort and taxpayer money, did not find Mark Steyn or Ezra Levant guilty of human rights crimes. But I wonder what happened to the CHRC in this case of genuine hate … Continue reading

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Ban Ki-Moon can’t read, can’t remember his own words

Ban Ki-Moon is hailing the exchange of live prisoners for dead Israeli soldiers as the “completion” of part of UNSC 1701. The secretary general conveyed his heartfelt condolences and said he is deeply satisfied that the humanitarian aspects of Security … Continue reading

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The Exception Clause, again

Imagine that two molotov cocktails were thrown at the home of a representative of a Muslim organization. Imagine the outrage, the news articles, the media notice. Now imagine that two molotov cocktails were thrown at the home of a representative … Continue reading

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The changing Road Map narrative

The Road Map has been awakened from its moribund state and bandied about a lot lately, particularly in the wire service reports about the upcoming mideast peace conference in Annapolis. For instance, the AP writes: Israel continues to expand many … Continue reading

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