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Tuesday post-holiday briefs

Sure, when hell freezes over: Iran has summoned Mark Zuckerberg to court over Facebook’s violations of privacy. Yeah, I can totally see a Jewish billionaire showing up in an Iranian kangaroo court. That’s as likely to happen as, oh, Facebook … Continue reading

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Sunday briefs

Gee, whatever could the motive be? Three people were murdered in the Brussels Jewish Museum yesterday, at least two of whom were Jewish–and Israeli. They haven’t caught the scumbag. They have pictures. He came, armed, to the museum. And yet, … Continue reading

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Unhappy Iran

Seven young people made a dance video to Pharell Williams’ “Happy,” which is a very joyful song that people all over the world are making videos to. They’ve been arrested. Their crime? The video was vulgar and offended public morals, … Continue reading

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BDS fail

The anti-Israel fanatics are overreaching, and the results are great. SJP and Student Voice for Peace decided they would try to force student government candidates at UCLA into hate-Israel pledges–by swearing that they would never visit Israel on trips sponsored … Continue reading

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This post first appeared on April 29th, 2002 in response to an email from an Israel-hater who insisted he didn’t have any problems with Israel and Jews. The lyrics are from Tool’s “Sober”. It was written around the end of … Continue reading

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Let’s Destroy Israel. There’s an App for That.

This week being the secular anniversary of Israel’s founding, May 14, has prompted reporting on the Palestinian perspective Israel’s War of Independence. The latest hi-tech twist to this reporting is about the creation of the iNakba app by the Israeli … Continue reading

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I think we should coin a new word for the anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, Jew-hating EUrocrats who are trying to brand Israel as a criminal nation and its leaders as war criminals. Pariahnism (n.): The act of accusing Israel and Israelis alone … Continue reading

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Madam, I’m Adam

One of the things the Iranians think is going to work for them against the U.S. Navy is their strategy of having a lot of small, fast boats go after the Navy’s larger, slower vessels. They will probably have explosives … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Briefs

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who read this site. Yeah, I have a hard time feeling sorry for them: What’s it like to be a religious Jew behind bars? Read this article and find out. It’s filled with … Continue reading

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The Eleventh Commandment

In the fever swamps of the anti-Israel mind, there is an Eleventh Commandment. Thou shalt not support Israel. Thou shalt not support Israel, part one: An Orthodox Arab priest was fired for saying he thinks Arab Israelis should serve in … Continue reading

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Wednesday briefs

No, there is no double standard: When Israel expels African migrants who are looking for work (not fleeing persecution or war), the world lashes out and the media launches a thousand stories. When Leban on expels Syrian Palestinians feeling the … Continue reading

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Monday, briefly

Everything new is old again: Here’s another fine analysis of what’s happening in Russia. Keep Simply Jews on your daily reading list and you won’t miss translations like this. No, I don’t need a million articles about it: Yes, tragically, … Continue reading

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Me, Hamas, and I told you so

Yeah, Hamas is never, ever going to “moderate”. Excuse me while I try not to laugh at the morons who keep insisting that Hamas will leave peacefully with Israel once there is a Palestinian state. They will not. Hamas is … Continue reading

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But don’t call it anti-Semitism

Iran has banned WhatsApp, a messaging site, because its owner is an “American Zionist”. The Iranian regime has banned access to the WhatsApp messaging site, a popular site for many to communicate both inside and outside the country, stating that … Continue reading

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Thursday briefs

Left hand, right hand: Why, yes, Hamas is still actively embracing terror as a way to deal with Israel, in spite of its pretense of agreement with Fatah for now. The State Department issued a report about it. But don’t … Continue reading

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